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5 Things Soccer Moms Need This Mother's Day

This Sunday, thousands of soccer moms will be celebrating their Mother's Days exactly where they spend most of their spring (and fall): at the soccer field. Though we live in a day and age where many dads are just as involved as moms in all the driving, washing, cheering, cleaning and traveling of being a soccer parent, dads typically don't have to share Father's Day with soccer.

That's why you should give your soccer mom an extra-special celebration this Sunday.

1. Don't call her "soccer mom"

Some moms relish the "soccer mom" title. If that's your mom, then call her "soccer mom" all Mother's Day long. Let her wear that badge with pride.

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But for the rest of us, please spare us the shame of our minivans, our collapsible chairs, our closets full of balls and cleats and uniforms. We're having a hard time adjusting to the whole "soccer mom" thing.

And that's mostly because we're having a hard time adjusting to the fact that we're becoming our own (soccer) mothers.

2. Play your best-ish

Most soccer moms know that their kids aren't going to win every game. They know that their kids aren't always going to be the best player on the team, and they even know that their kids aren't going to play their own personal best at every game.

But do you know what most soccer moms love more than seeing their kids win or play their very best? Seeing them build their confidence and athleticism. Watching them develop a bond with their teammates. Looking on as their kids face their fears with courage, boldness and, sometimes, vulnerability.

We're perfectly satisfied seeing our kids play their best-ish. For the most part, we just love to watch our kids play soccer—even if we sometimes complain about rainy, 9 a.m. tournaments.

3. Share the load

Does your soccer mom wash your uniform? Give her a break and do the laundry yourself.

Does she fill your water bottle before every game? You can do it on Mother's Day. (And probably every game and practice thereafter.)

Is she driving you to one of those unfathomably early games? Scrounge up some money and buy her a coffee.

Will she spend her Mother's Day at a soccer game? Take her out for lunch or dinner afterward.

Does she want to take a picture of you? Smile nicely, don't make a funny face and just oblige her for this once. She's trying to preserve a happy memory in both of your lives.

4. Fill a giant water bottle with mimosas so she can sip and celebrate from the sidelines

Of course, I would never actually suggest that anyone do this because it's probably illegal (and mildly inappropriate). I would also never bring plastic cups to a soccer tournament so that I could share my jug of Mother's Day mimosas with my fellow soccer moms. And I would never, ever raise my illegal, inappropriate alcoholic beverage and toast all of us moms for sticking out the blazing sun, the bone-chilling rain and the shoe-drenching grass just so that we can watch our kids play soccer for approximately 258 weekends out of every year.

5. Say "thank you"

If she's your biggest cheerleader, say "thank you."

If she knows the difference between a goal kick and a corner kick, say "thank you."

If she's ever brought snacks for the team—or better yet, if she organizes the snack sign-up sheet for the team—say "thank you."

If she drives you and your teammates to practices and games, say "thank you."

If she drives you and your teammates to practice and games and she isn't your own mother, still say "thank you."

If she's the only person in your house who's brave enough to get near the godawful stank of your cleats and shin guards, say "thank you."

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If she's watching you play soccer on Mother's Day when she could just as easily be at home or getting a pedicure or having brunch or doing anything else in the world, say "thank you."

If you play soccer, and she is your mom, just say "thank you."

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