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7 Ways to Keep Love Strong During Deployment

Keeping your relationship strong is hard work, but keeping your marriage strong during deployment can be even harder because of distance, danger and the unknown.

Even though your partner may be thousands of miles away, there are things you can do to stay connected and keep your relationship strong. Consider trying some or all of these seven ways to connect emotionally while being so far apart:

1. 2-person book club

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Read the same book together and then talk about it. Being in two different parts of the world may have you feeling disconnected as a couple. Select a book for both of you to read, so you'll have the same frame of reference when you chat about it.

2. Never stop saying, "I love you"
No matter if it's through a letter, email, text or phone call, always end it with saying a meaningful, "I love you."

3. Skype dates
Technology has improved over the past few years, and some service members are able to video chat. You can get a little dressed up, "share a meal," and enjoy the company of your loved one virtually.

4. Care packages
Care packages are a great way to send essentials, as well as goodies, to your service member. Include love notes or pictures. Pack items that remind your partner that you're still thinking about them.

5. Stay flexible
With the unknowns of deployment, it can be easy to feel angry, frustrated or stressed about the situation. Remind yourself that it is out of your control and that you have to stay strong but still adapt to changes as they come.

6. Resist angry emails

Miscommunication can happen when there's not a lot of consistent communication in the first place. Step away from the keyboard when you're upset. Come back to it when you're calmer and can communicate your feelings more clearly.

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7. Keep on livin'
As much as we miss our loved one when they're deployed, those who are on the homefront still have to keep living. It makes no sense to spend months pining away, when you still have a life at home to tend to.
Don't count down the moments, make the moments count.

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