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The Best Photos You'll See for National Burger Day

It's National Burger Day! (As if we need an excuse to indulge in juicy patties with cheese melted all over them, sandwiched between perfectly toasted buns. Also who comes up with all these holidays? Not that we're complaining. Because burgers.)

To celebrate this newsworthy day, here are some photos of celebrity parents chowing down on one of our favorite foods.

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Here's Jennifer Love Hewitt midway through a burger. (That is a burger right and not a chicken sandwich? Whatever, we're calling it a burger.)

Image via Bauer Griffin

A burger is also a good substitute for a birthday cake, as Kyle MacLachlan knows.

Image via Kyle Maclachlan

Lara Spencer does it right. Look at that incredible bite and perfect hand hold. Even better? The GMA anchors ate the burgers for breakfast.

Image via Lara Spencer

While Kristin Davis is technically eating a fry in this shot, there's still a burger on her plate.

Image via Splash

And Kylie Minogue and Minnie Driver prove eating burgers in black-and-white also looks pretty hot.

Image via Minnie Driver

Even Oscar winners need a good burger. Just look at director and dad Ang Lee.

Image via Edward Menicheschi

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For the grand finale, here's David Hasselhoff drunk eating a burger off a floor. Classic.

Image via David Hasselhoff

But you don't have to be a celeb parent to satisfy your own burger craving. Try something different this year, like this blue cheese balsamic burger, a lean and clean turkey burger, maybe a roasted poblano cheddar burger—or make yourself a maple mustard bacon burger. It's time for some new bacon-nings, people.

Feature image via Twenty20/oscarvonhoffmann

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