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7 Father's Day Cards Dads Really Want

Hey teens, Father's Day is only a few weeks away, and if you still haven't bought a card, I have some here that might fit the bill. They're a far cry from the flowery, bubbly cards you might have sent to mom, but let's face it, most dads aren't into all that sentimental hooha, anyway. Here are a few that might hit closer to home for dear ol' dad; although I'm sure he'd still appreciate a few hugs and some kind words. He's not completely made out of stone, you know.

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1. For goodness sake, don't make him go out to brunch

Image via Takeda Morrison

2. By all means, give him credit where credit is due

Image via Marsha Takeda Morrison

3. Having to keep that talent bottled up inside all these years must have been tough

Image via Wikimedia Commons/Marsha Takeda Morrison

4. How about just saying, "I love you," or better yet, "I took out the trash."

Image via Marsha Takeda Morrison

5. Because dads hate it when you take them literally

Image via Marsha Takeda Morrison

6. Although, it might do both of you a world of good

Image via Marsha Takeda Morrison

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7. Give him a break. Even though it'll cost him dearly.

Image via Marsha Takeda Morrison

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