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10 Really Cool Father's Day Gifts

It's almost time for Father's Day! Our pop culture-inspired gift guide will please fathers of all ages and walks of life. From popular television and movies to gifts that will remind him of his childhood, feel free to think of us when you are being thanked profusely for being such a thoughtful gift-giver. No one has to know there's something in it for you too. (Wink-wink!)

Game of Thrones: If the man in your life is glued to HBO every Sunday to see what is happening in the seven kingdoms, this coaster set featuring the six houses of Westeros will give him something to set his drink on as he jumps to the edge of his seat.

Alternative use: It will help maintain your coffee table in pristine condition.

To buy: HBO Store, $20

Jurassic Park: It seems like just yesterday we were kids ourselves, watching "Jurassic Park" in theaters. But dads everywhere are excited for the remake of the mega blockbuster "Jurassic World," which opens on June 13. Let him relive the suspense every morning with this Jurassic Fossil Mug. If he was good this year, maybe even throw in some movie tickets! After all, you know you want to relive the excitement too.

Alternative Use: Use this for your morning tea or coffee on mornings when you want the kids to know you mean business.

To buy: Firebox.Com, $20

The Simpsons: The animated classic gets an upgrade and a twist. This mashup print of Bart Simpson and Totoro merges pop culture icons from Japanese and American culture. Perfect for that cool dad that is hard to please.

Alternative Use: Decorate his man cave or your child's room. Whenever he complains that you never let him choose the decor around the house, remind him of this piece.

To buy: Big Cartel, $60

Pac-Man: If your man is nostalgic for the '80s and the days of the arcade, this is the perfect gift! This Pac-Man Ghost Lamp is great for the home or office. It displays light in 16 colors, comes with a variety of lighting effects and a remote control. Ms. Pac-Man is not included but we know she would approve.

Alternative Use: Place your infant in front of it, they can stare at the lights while you catch up on things.

To buy: Firebox, $46

Star Wars: If you are looking for a gift that is kitschy and useful for your favorite "Star Wars" fan, this knife block is just what your galaxy and kitchen need. Help him bring his culinary skills to the next level. This gift will hold him over while "Star Wars: Rogue One" comes to theater in 2016.

Alternative Use: Tell him these are his "special" knives and so he has to do all the chopping from now on.

To buy: Amazon, $101

Super Mario: Who doesn't remember playing "Super Mario" with their friends in a crowded living room? There were no cell phones, so we would just watch others play when it wasn't our turn. Kids today would laugh so hard at that. For the former gamer, this "Super Mario Chess" is the perfect mix of nostalgia and challenge to help him revisit Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and the infamous King Koopa.

Alternative Use: This game is all mental, so play it when you need a quiet activity to do while the kids go to sleep.

To buy: Amazon, $33

The Walking Dead: "The Walking Dead" is on hiatus but those walkers are still giving us nightmares! Give your favorite zombie fan something to do before the next season comes back with "The Walking Dead Monopoly." In this version, you aren't taking a stroll on the boardwalk—you are fighting for your life!

Alternative Use: This game is the perfect reason to have a couples date night. Invite a few friends over, have some pizza and fight to be the surviving member of the gang. (Childcare not included!)

To buy: Firebox, $46

Mad Men: We don't know about you, but we are still missing "Mad Men." Don Draper may or may not have lived happily ever after, but your "Mad Men" aficionado will be happy to pour himself an Old Fashioned in these exquisite Waterford Mixology "Mad Men" Edition Draper glasses.

Alternative Use: Invite the girls over for a gossip session, á la Peggy and Joan and pour yourselves a Ramos Gin Fizz.

To buy: Macy's, $175

Superheroes: If you have an Avenger in your midst, this personalized superhero action figure will be sure to please. Here's how it works: You provide two photos (front and profile) of your caped crusader with your order. Thanks to 3-D printing technology, you will receive a personalized doll head with the face of your Superman in a few days. You can then place the head on the body of his favorite action hero. The head is adapted to fit most dolls and comes with a kit to help you attach the head. There's a hero in all of us, so we kind of want one of these for ourselves too.

Alternative Use: Give it to the kids to play with when they miss dad.

To buy: Firebox, $123

The Big Lebowski: Here's a great gift for The Dude in your life. This doormat might just earn you "special lady status" for the day.

Alternative Use: You will argue less about who's turn it is to clean the floor because everyone will have something to wipe their feet on before coming in.

To buy: Etsy.com, $50

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