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Stars 'n' Stripes Outfits Aren't Just for Grannies, Babies and Strippers

Photograph by Getty Images

There is a tragic shortage of 4th of July outfits (and any holiday-themed outfit for that matter) that are neither for children nor for grandmas. (Or for strippers. Strippers seem to have some really great holiday themed outfits.)

Image via KateandLulu

Are you too old to wear a flashing Stars and Stripes headband and would you feel silly in a patriotic or ruffle-bottomed romper?

Image via theuglysweatershop.com

Yet at the same time are you not ready to wear an embroidered festive vest to the neighborhood 4th of July BBQ?

Me too.

Image via futurememories.com

When you become an adult, and especially when you become a parent, you can lose your nerve to wear a flashy holiday themed outfit. There can be a feeling of obligation to let the spotlight of cuteness shift from you to your child.

But holidays aren't like a wedding, where you can't wear white because there can be only one star of the day. And you're scientifically (okay not really scientifically) guaranteed to have more fun on any holiday if you are wearing a special holiday outfit.

I'm not talking about just wearing a red shirt with your blue jeans and saying you're dressed for the 4th of July. I'm talking about a full-on "outfit."

So what does a woman who also happens to be a mom wear as a holiday outfit? Here are a few ideas.

Image via LilyLoveLock

I know, I know. Rompers can feel and look awkward on adults. But somehow flashy American flag rompers are less awkward. Especially when worn with matching sunglasses.

Image via TanyaKolser

Who knew the American flag could be so sexy when cut into pieces and made into a cocktail dress! Look and those flattering angles and diagonal lines!

Image via bloomingdales.com

If you're looking for something a little less flashy than a romper, and you can't wear a bright white striped cocktail dress because your children will surely spill ketchup and Kool-Aid all over you within five minutes of arriving anywhere, then this flag maxi dress may be the 4th of July outfit for you. It's a pretty safe (in other words boring) choice, but it could be used as a gateway outfit for flashier holiday outfits in the future.

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