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10 Gourmet Ways to Use Leftover Pickle Juice

Pickle brine is a fancy name for the juice that's leftover when you finish a jar of pickles. Most people dump pickle brine down the drain, but chefs know that pickle brine works miracles in the kitchen.

Image via noblepig.com

1. Pickle Butter. This easy to prepare spread is as delicious as it sounds.

Image via foodrepublic.com

2. Marinade: Pickle juice is a ready-to-go meat marinade. Use it straight out of the jar to tenderize meat, or check out this pork chop recipe that uses pickle juice and caramelized onions.

Image via epicurious.com

3. Cocktail Mix-in: Pickle brine is an ingredient in many recipes for gourmet cocktails, including this Bloody Mary.

Image via thepioneerwoman.com

4. Noodle Sauce: Pickle brine perks up almost any noodle dish, especially macaroni and cheese and macaroni salad.

Image via popsugar.com

5. Straight-Up: Drinking pickle juice straight is considered healthy by many, especially after a strenuous workout, because it replenishes electrolytes and contains naturally occurring probiotics.

Image via carmelmoments.com

6. Baked: Pickle brine is the key ingredient dill pickle bread, which is both delicious and addictive.

Image via foodinjars.com

7. Re-Pickling: Did you know that you can reuse your pickle juice to make refrigerator pickles?

Image via pocketchangegourmet.com

8. Accoutrement: If you're a fan of Chick-fil-A, you'll be happy to know that you can use your leftover pickle juice to make knockoff Chick-fil-A sandwiches at home.

Image via andrealikes.com

9. Dressing: Pickle juice makes a great salad dressing. Either use pickle juice in place of vinegar for a basic oil and vinegar dressing, or use the juice to add zing to homemade ranch dressing.

Image via myfridgefood.com

10. Cleaner: Pickle juice is useful for more than just making things delicious. It also makes cleaning copper pans a breeze. Just soak the copper in pickle juice for 15 minutes and watch it shine.

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