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15 Surprising Ways to Use Leftover Wine

Sometimes people hem and haw over opening a new bottle of wine. They ask themselves, do we really need a whole bottle? But the answer is is always yes when you can rest assured that any leftover wine won't go to waste!

Image via foodbabbles.com

1. Make winesicles, a frozen treat for adults only. I love winesicles because they make consuming wine an OK thing to do at noon on a Tuesday in the front yard.

Image via thebeautybean.com

2. As if we needed another reason to love wine, did you know know that it's great for your skin? So use that leftover wine to make a DIY wine facial.

Image via bonappetite.com

3. I used to spend my money buying expensive red wine vinegar for recipes until I learned that making your own red wine vinegar is basically as easy as leaving leftover wine on your kitchen counter for a couple months.

Image via invitadoinvierno.com

4. When you're tired of drinking champagne (is that a thing that happens?) then start eating champagne instead. You can make delicious wine jelly from leftover sparkling white wines.

Image via guardianlv.com

5. If you spill red wine on the carpet at a party, quickly grab someone's glass of white wine and pour it on the same spot. You'll be a hero! Kind of.

Image via soupaddict.com

6. This is a picture of "drunken cheesy bread" and you may be a robot if its melty, cheesy, boozy breadiness doesn't make you hungry.

Image via motherjones.com

7. Marinading meats in red wine or beer has been shown to reduce cancer-causing properties found in grilled meats. Also it makes them taste pretty great too.

Image via yougrowgirl.com

8. Compost piles like a leftover glass of wine. Just pour the wine right into your compost and the wine will activate and encourage the composting process.

Image via davidlebovitz.com

9. Take your rhubarb crisp to the next level by making wine-poached rhubarb instead.

Image via lifehacker.com

10. Keep a rejected bottle of wine next to your kitchen sink for cleaning fresh produce. It's a natural cleanser.

Image via whatdidyoueat.typepad.com

11. Red wine tomato soup will make you never want to make tomato soup without wine again. And it's even more tasty paired with grilled cheese, of course, because wine and cheese are best friends forever.

Image via lovefoodeat.com

12. This red wine chocolate cake looks and sounds like it should be a naughty food indulgence, but it actually is made with whole wheat and no refined sugars.

Image via foodnetwork.com

13. Champagne risotto is the perfect comfort food for fancy people, or people who got too many bottles of cheap champagne as wedding gifts.

Image via noblepig.com

14. Chocolate pinot noir fondue is the kind of thing where if they had it at a party I would just stand next to it and eat it and forget to talk to anybody.

Image via americanheritagecooking.com

15. The very first thing I ever learned to do with leftover red wine was to use it to add depth to marinara sauce. I've been using that trick to wow dates since college.

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