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50 Plans For Summer 2015 Bucket List

Every summer I ask my kids to write down things they want to do during summer break. The ideas can be practical like "go for a hike" or insane like "bungee jump out of a hot air balloon."

I try to keep an open mind.

Several nights a week, we will put our hands in the "Summer Jar" and pull out the next day's activity. We don't get to them all, and, yes, I nix a few. But it adds a lot of fun and excitement to summer days.

Here are 50 ideas going into this year's Summer Jar:

1. Sleep in late

2. Eat cake for breakfast

3. Plan a roadtrip

4. Swim in the river

5. Call a friend

6. Fly a kite

7. Visit the animal shelter

8. Bike into town

9. Plant a new flower in the garden

10. Make a fancy dinner

11. Go see a movie

12. Write a comic book

13. Build a fort (inside and out)

14. Visit a watermark

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15. Play mini-golf

16. Go bowling

17. Spend $5 at the arcade

18. Sketch animals at the zoo

19. Scavenger hunt through the neighborhood

20. Visit an art museum

21. Get out the sprinklers

22. Sleep in the backyard

23. Learn to fish

24. Take a boat ride

25. Visit the grandparents

26. Paint your toenails

27. Swim at the pool

28. Tour de playgrounds

29. Organize a soccer game

30. Pack a picnic

31. Enjoy an outdoor concert

32. Watch a baseball game

33. Catch fireflies

34. Organize a parade

35. Watch the trains

36. Shop a farmers' market

37. Visit the batting cages

38. Eat ice cream

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39. Sell artwork instead of lemonade

40. Climb a mountain

41. Learn to float on your back

42. Squirt gun fight

43. Learn the constellations

44. Organize a cartwheel-a-thin

45. Write a friend a letter

46. Read in the shade of a tree

47. Practice hopscotch

48. Learn to rollerskate

49. Invite your grandparents to lunch

50. And, just maybe, bungee jump from a hot air balloon

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