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I Failed the Belly Button Challenge

OK, so another challenge has come up in our trendy world and I could not resist trying it. First, let me explain to you what it is and why I decided to go for it.

The Belly Button challenge consists of wrapping the opposite arm around your back and reach toward your belly button. Well, TRY to reach your belly button. Sounds quite simple and funny, right? Well it's not. I gave it a go, and I could barely touch my ribs. Not to mention I looked like a poorly wrapped pretzel.

Honestly, this challenge is harder than pushing out a 10-pound baby.

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Not only do you find yourself awkwardly trying to grab onto your skin to make it to the finish line—because, by God, you must touch that belly button—but you physically acquire an unnecessary amount of neck pain and stress. Like, I don't need that. I get enough of that with the daily struggle and back pain from picking up toys from the floor all day long. Why would I want to add on more for what is the most pointless trend ever?

At least the Bucket Challenge had some sort of idea and purpose behind it. Even though not everyone understood the actual cause they were supporting. This is just plain self-loathing and narcissistic.

I get it, I get it, you're as skinny as they come. You have ribs that could barely feed a guinea pig. But, there's not need to rub that in my face.

I don't need to get on Twitter or Instagram to find reminders of my long lost tiny waist and her friend the flat stomach. As if I have nothing better to do than to stretch my arm to the breaking, or dislocating, point.

Why do people keep on looking for ways to celebrate the wrong message about body image? Health and fitness are in no way associated with body measurements. I'm relatively thin, and I bet you some fried chicken there are people who weigh more than me who are probably healthier, because they have better eating habits or the discipline to exercise.

To tell you the truth, I find it pretty silly for people to be excited about touching a body part that is known for being a pool of bacteria. It's a fact that is one of those forgotten body places most people overlook when cleaning, so thanks, but no thanks. The Belly Button challenge screams low self-esteem and, frankly, plain bad hygiene.

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So, honey, keep your wrong sense of self and dirty hands all to yourself. I'm happy to send over some deep fried Twinkies once you decide to grow up and use your time and social media presence wisely.

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