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10 Cool Tents For Family Camping

While you could just go with a plain-hued, drab and totally boring tent on your next family camping trip , why would you want to?

Instead, make your family camping trip way more whimsical and interesting with one of these unique and aesthetically appealing tents—outdoor shelters that channel the circus, and charge your phone or embrace the art of the traditional tipi. Which one would you most like to camp in?

Best Tent for the Book Lover: Fully Booked Tent
Price $529

Grab a few novels and get camping in the "Fully Booked" tent by Field Candy. It'll hold a family of three (and a few books). It may look pretty cool, but it also happens to be a high performance storm tent—with a classic 'A' frame construction, which is able to stand up to extreme weather conditions (and kids).

Best Tent Labyrinth: Gigwam Tipi Tent and Tunnel
Price $158

Create a tent labyrinth with these small tents that come with tunnels. Connect several sets so that you and your kids have different sleeping areas, but you are still one crawl away.

Best Tent for Those Who Want to Run Away with the Circus: Big Top Tent
Price $445

For those of us who have dreamed of running away with the circus, this is the tent for us. Kids will adore the whimsical nature of this easy to set up tent. Tigers and elephants not included.

Best Tent for Glamping: The Lotus Belle
Price $1,800

If you're looking to take your family glamping, rather then merely camping, then The Lotus Belle may be the answer. You'll need to bring along a fancy throw, wicker chair and cowhide rug to really up the style factor and make it Instagram worthy.

Best Tent to Live Like a Sioux: The Reliable Tipi
Price $418

This tent is based on traditional Sioux tribe dwellings, so if you'd like to give your kids historical insight into how Native Americans lived, this is a great way to do so. Warning: the tent doesn't come with the poles so you'll need to cut those yourself. But hey, it's another educational opportunity for your kids!

Prettiest Tent: Wild Life by Tord Boontje
Price $595

The Wild Life tent by Tord Boontje looks more like a piece of art than a piece of camping equipment. It's so pretty you can pitch it in your living room as well as in the wild.

The Bubble Tent
Price $2,000

This is not for a camper who is looking for privacy. In this clear tent, everything is out in the open. It's also not for those who can't afford it: this plastic tent retails for $2,000.

Best Tent for Car Camping: VW Camper Van Tent
Price: $476.49

Dude! Check this tent out. The VW Camper Van Tent is a full-size replica of the iconic 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van that was all the rage back in the day. It sleeps a family of four and even has a zippered room divider so you can have a wall (albeit lightweight) between you and the kids.

Best Tent for Sleeping a Big Family: Mountain Hardwear Stronghold Tent
Price: $3,449.95

If you need a tent that sleeps 10 and also looks really cool, this might be the one for you (if you have $3,449.95 to spend on a tent that is). It features a 6-foot+ ceiling and 15-foot diameter, so it's roomy enough for the whole crew. It's designed to withstand all four seasons, from desert conditions to snowy expeditions.

Best Tent for Charging Up: Bang Bang Solar Tent
Price $319

If you camp with your high tech gear like iPads, iPhones, laptops and gaming units, you might consider the Bang Bang Solar Tent, which will charge up your electronics using a small portable solar panel.

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