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Prosciutto and Havarti Poppers


10 jalapeños—tops cut off, seeds and insides removed

1 (6- to 8-ounce) package prosciutto

8 ounces havarti cheese (or your favorite type of cheese)


1. Cut cheese into lengthwise pieces the length of the jalapeños. They will need to be skinny enough to fit inside the jalapeño after being wrapped with prosciutto. After removing the tops and seeds of the jalapeños, wrap the cheese pieces with a piece of prosciutto. (Make sure to portion out the prosciutto so that there is enough for all the poppers.)

2. After each piece of cheese is wrapped with a piece of prosciutto, stuff it inside the jalapeño as far as it will go. Repeat this process with all the poppers.

3. Prepare a grill for medium direct heat (about 350 degrees).

4. Grill the poppers for about 8 minutes total, 4 minutes each side, or until nice char marks form and the cheese begins to melt.

5. Pull off the grill and serve! These will be the hit of the party, guaranteed!

From Robyn Medlin, Grill Grrrl

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