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8 Pixar Films With the Highest Sob Factor

I've been lucky enough to have seen Pixar's "Inside Out" three times already. Each time I cried not unlike a baby—a big, grown-up, blubbering baby. While Pixar may bring to the screen beautifully animated stories, engaging characters, stirring music and compelling narratives, they also bring the tears.

Lots and lots of tears.

The studio has a knack for making us laugh, yes, but also to cry (in a good cry sort of way). They make us care.

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"Make me care," Pixar director Andrew Stanton pleaded to storytellers. "Please ... emotionally, intellectually, aesthetically, just make me care. We all know what it's like to not care. You've gone through hundreds of TV channels, just switching channel after channel, and then suddenly you actually stop on one. It's already halfway over, but something's caught you and you're drawn in and you care. That's not by chance, that's by design."

This design (and emotional manipulation) is something that Pixar has honed over the years from their 1995 not-so-tear-worthy-but-yet-awesome film "Toy Story" to their brand new release, the not-a-dry-eye-in-the-house masterpiece "Inside Out."

In honor of Pixar's ability to touch us so deeply and to stimulate our tear ducts in such a powerful way, I asked 48 of my friends on Facebook (90 percent of them parents) what Pixar film made them cry the most. This is far from a scientific study, but it includes votes from an old friend from Herbert Hoover Middle School, parents from my daughter's preschool, my sister-in-law, the Iris Award winner for Best Writing, and bloggers.

Lots and lots of bloggers.

Most of them have yet to see "Inside Out," but enough have seen it to give it a spot on the list—which is presented here in order of tear flow, from a drip to a flood.

"Finding Nemo" 2003—1 vote

I have a confession. My daughter has watched this film a gazillion times, but I think she's only seen the beginning scene (when it's discovered that Nemo's mother and siblings are killed) like once. It's a tearjerker scene for sure, but thankfully the film becomes relatively upbeat from there.

"Brave" 2012—1 vote

One mom was moved to tears when Merida apologizes to her mother for creating such chaos by being responsible for turning her into a bear. That's big boo-boo, turning your mother into a wild creature. Thankfully, right after her tearful apology, order is restored.

"WALL-E" 2008—1 vote

The sci-fi flick that Pixar made a few years back received a vote, as well, for the power of the musical score "as they soar across the galaxy and anytime EVE says 'Wall-E,'" Jessica of the Disney Sisters said. "Sigh."

"Monsters, Inc." 2001—2 votes

While many see "Monsters, Inc." as a kick in the pants, it also moved two of my pals to tears. "When Kitty brings Boo home and says goodbye," Professor Felicia Viator notes. "Good God, heart strings."

"Toy Story 2" 1999—2 votes.

Smack dab in the middle of "Toy Story 2" is a scene that breaks the trance of fun and adventure with a song and scene so sad that tears fell for many a viewer. The touching moment is when Jessie sings her soulful ditty, "When Somebody Loved Me."

"Inside Out" 2015—5 Votes

If I took this tally a couple of months from now, after more people have seen "Inside Out," I have a feeling that the emotions would get the best of many of my friends and it would be ranked higher in the cry meter. I won't say WHEN the tears will hit, but will say that most will have wet cheeks from having all the feels in this emotional saga about emotions.

"Toy Story 3" 2010—8 votes

I've seen "Toy Story 3" once and refuse to watch it ever again, although I loved it. When I went to the theater I cried every bit of black mascara off my eyelashes, prompting me to switch brands. What brought a flood of tears to my eyes, and apparently to eight of my friends, was the touching scene when Andy gives the "Toy Story" crew to young Bonnie. It's even tougher for those whose kids mirrored Andy's ages from "Toy Story" 1, 2 and 3. "My son watched "Toy Story" and "Toy Story 2" every single day when he was a toddler," Kuleen Lashley of The Disney Kids said. "He is my Andy, and he is growing up so fast. Seeing the real Andy going off to college really gets to me."

"Up" 2009—25 votes

Bastards went for the tear ducts twice in 10 minutes in "Up." Then they came back for more at the end," noted Jim of GeekDad and Blue Collar, Black Tie. The scene that really got to people was when it's revealed that Carl Fredricksen and his wife Ellie couldn't have children and when he looks through the book about their travels. The first minutes of the film are so brutal that some can't get past it and switch it off before the fun begins.

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Which Pixar film makes YOU cry the most?

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