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13 Patriotic Dads Who Nailed It

I love summertime. It's the one time of year dads can really embrace a true macho holiday and let their celebratory hair fly in the breeze. Beer, BBQ and board shorts? Perfect.

Image via ArtFire

Let's load up the car and take a little road trip, shall we? Johnny, leave your sister alone or I'll pull this car over!

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Image via Varle.It

Hey, babe, did you pack my onesie? You know how much I love to snuggle up while we watch the fireworks.

Image via MaleRush

Have I told you what a great job you did on the potato salad? Top notch, honey. I'm going to grab another beer—you want one?

Image via Wanelo.com

Dang it, Johnny, didn't I tell you to leave your sister alone? Now put down your auntie's wine cooler and give me the sparkler.

Image via MenStyleFashion

Have you met my brother? Can you tell he's not a dad yet? Hold on a second, my husband has a hole in his unitard.

Image via Tattooesque

Check out my neighbor's husband. He's so sexy. I can't tell if he's judging my tri-colored layer bars, or trying to seduce the babysitter.

Image via DyversOnline

Best use of the tablecloth yet: changing diapers. Man, what did you feed that kid?

Image via Favim.com

I love you, honey, but you should really wear underwear when we have neighbors over. Ms. McGuinness just tripped over the table and dropped her Jell-O mold while checking out your crack.

Image via KinoWear.com

Is that my underwear in your pocket? Nice touch.

Image via Ebay.com

No, darling, we aren't driving to the bonfire. I think the seven watermelon margaritas you had would agree.

Image via Ralph Lauren

Wow, your mom really outdid herself this year. Let's get all your brothers together and take an Instagram pic … yes, ideally WITH pants on. Thanks.

Image via Maxim

No, no, no. Water balloon fight AFTER dessert. The pies are all set up on TV trays around the driveway. Let's do the swimsuit contest first.

Image via Reddit

Man, that hot firefighter from up the street wins every year! Not sure if we told you, boys, but the winner has to wear nothing by a swimsuit for the rest of the BBQ. Them's the rules!

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Have a safe and fabulous 4th of July and make sure to keep the fireworks away from the Speedos—they aren't flame-retardant.

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