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Well Said, Donald Trump. This Election Needs You

Dear Mr. Trump,

I just wanted to send you a little note to whole-heartedly thank you for your recent comments against Mexicans and Latinos. As a Latina woman, Colombian to be more specific, I feel very relieved that you made such derogatory statements against the Hispanic community. I am grateful that you opened your heart and bravely spoke your truth.

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Thanks to this, America and the rest of the world truly knows the kind of person you are. Thanks to your less than kind words and racist declarations, everyone who has a voice and a vote saw your true colors and the values you stand for. You used your influence and platform to make remarks and allegations to hurt the efforts and humble determination of a noble community.

Before you even started your race towards the most respected and difficult job in the world, the people who will have the power to make a decision have more than enough proof of the kind of presidency you plan to impose. Latinos and Americans know the government you would lead and the way our country would run were you to become POTUS.

So, you see, when you stood on that podium and gave what has become your core campaign message, I knew that I had nothing to worry about. In that moment, I knew that you would expose yourself and mark your own trail without anyone else's help. I knew that the public would not be blinded by your apparent love for our immigrant-built nation, and they would see right through your speech.

I had faith that my Latinos would speak up and support our Mexican brothers. I knew that nobody would let some know-it-all defame who we are, our contributions to this country and the morals of our society. I stand proud alongside the TV networks, celebrities, brands, city commissioners and all our people who have signed every petition and had their voice count.

You see Mr. Trump, you underestimated us. You thought that making those accusations and comments would pass right by and not affect you. You thought we were not worth fighting for. You were mistaken and, now, every single hardworking and honest Latino is showing you that you were wrong. We're demonstrating to you that we do have a say, and we are stronger than you could ever imagine.

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I think your advisors should have warned you: We kind of decided the last election. I think we will also be deciding who will not represent our nation and our community in 2016. The best part is that you will be able to see it from the comfort of your home, while we raise our flags on every single border in support of a president who is not you!


Dee Trillo

PS: No worries, I'm sure TJMaxx or Marshalls will pick up your Made in Mexico suits. Or maybe not.

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