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6 Ways Life Hasn't Changed Since College

I recently went to my college reunion and it taught me a few things. Mainly, that times have seriously changed. Life as a mommy just isn't the same as it was in college.

Or was it? Let's consider the facts:

1. You used to complain that the bars closed so early at 1a.m. Now, you're in bed by 9.

2. When you go back to college for a reunion, you're actually interested in attending the lectures.

3. You've traded beer for wine. LOTS of wine.

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4. On any given night, there's a different guy in your bed. But it's one of your sons.

5. The fridge used to be empty (except for beer and maybe ketchup), but now it's stocked at all times.

6. You used to go to the library under the pretext of studying but really to socialize. Now, anywhere you can find peace and quiet for even a moment is a sacred place.

7. You walked everywhere—to class, to the bars at night, all over campus. Now, you drive to a friend's house around the block.

8. Party prep back then meant kegs and red Solo cups. Now, it means pizza and cupcakes and themed party favors.

9. You had a freshman-year meal plan, which gave you three hot meals a day. Now, YOU provide the meals.

10. You used to do anything you wanted on a whim—a road trip, a concert, a play—but now, leaving the house—even for just an hour—takes two weeks of military planning and preparation.

But in some ways, college life never changed:

1. You showed up and had no idea what you were doing. Sort of like that feeling when they hand you a real, live human being and tell you to take him/her home with you.

2. There are still communal bathrooms, but at least now you don't need to carry a shower caddy everywhere you go.

3. Sleep? Who needs sleep?

4. On any given Saturday night, you could end the evening covered in vomit.

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5. You're still carrying your stumbling roommates home at the end of the night. Except now? Those roommates are your kids.

6. It's one of the best times of your life.

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Image via Brenda Janowitz

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