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Brilliant New Beauty Inventions You Must Try

It's hard to imagine, but there was once a time before curling irons, a time before lash curlers and a time before gel manicures. But now in 2015, there are a crop of new inventions that could change our beauty routines once again.

Image via dior.com

Dior Pastel Eyes Multi-Wear Adhesive Eyeliner Patches: Imagine an eyeliner that applies like a sticker, never smudges or fades, and can be used multiple times. The cool pastel hues are only one option. I really feel like this will be the eyeliner of the future!

Image via ysparkusa.com

Y.S. Park Ion Diffuser: There was a new kind of diffuser at nearly every stylists' chair this year at New York Fashion Week, and it was the Japanese Y.S. Park Ion Diffuser. This diffuser is different from diffusers of the past because it emits heat only and allows zero airflow. It also produces negative ions to reduce static frizz.

Image via redkenfrontrow.com

Redken Metal Fix 08: This pomade allows you to create temporary metallic highlights in your hair. The gold Metal Fix 08 has been said to give the illusion of regular highlights in darker hair, which is appealing for dark-haired people who have a tough time adding actual golden highlights into their hair without frying it.

Image via triabeauty.com

Tria At-Home Age Defying Laser: Anti-aging laser skin treatments have been available at dermatologist's offices for quite some time, but now you can safely shoot yourself in the face with a laser at home.

Image via lumobodytech.com

Lumo Lift: Lumo Lift is a small wearable device that offers a lot of the same feedback as other fitness wearables, like monitoring calories burned and steps taken per day, and wirelessly synchs with your phone or tablet. The stand-out feature of Lumo Lift is its ability to track your posture and gently remind you to sit (or stand) up straight when you start slouching. It's like the voice of your mother can now follow you everywhere you go.

Image via gosmile.com

GoSmile Tooth Whitening: The trend of future beauty products seems to be bringing beauty treatments from doctors' offices home to our own bathrooms. Another example of this trend is the GoSmile sonic toothbrush with integrated blue-light whitening technology.

Image via sephora.com

Sephora Needles No More: Needles No More is basically like Botox without the needle, except that it that only works for a day at time. It's a topical treatment that tightens your skin and minimizes wrinkles for a limited amount of time, basically until you wash your face at the end of the day.

Image via gilettevenus.com

Venus Swirl: This is the kind of "invention" that will feel like a gimmick to some people (do we really need a ball swivel on our razors?), yet will feel like a complete game-changer for others. Basically, if you find yourself constantly missing some hard-to-reach corners of your body, the Venus Swirl is an invention made with you in mind.

Image via modiface.com

Modiface has created the technology behind many of the existing beauty apps that allow users to try on new hairstyles, makeup colors and eye colors by uploading a still photo of themselves. The exciting step forward from this company is the Modiface Mirror, which is augmented-reality technology that allows users to experiment with different makeup looks, hair styles and anti-aging changes live in three dimensions.

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