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Secrets of the Most Stylish Bookshelves

Spend more than an hour with me, or follow my Instagram account for more than a day, and you are bound to figure out one little detail about me — I'm really into books.

Of course I love a gripping novel or an inspirational memoir, but it is more than the words. I also love the physicality of books; the way they feel in my hands and how they look leaning on a bookshelf or stacked on my bedside table. So what's a book lover to do with all these tomes?

When you're a book lover, you are bound to have stacks of books littered throughout your home, stacked next to your bed or filling shelves. My collection currently hides behind two cabinet doors, but I am looking to change that soon. I want to pull them out into the open, to use them as a focal point in our living room decor. Still, I would hate to throw them on a shelf without a thought, so I've been gathering ideas for what makes a well-styled bookshelf.

A lot of pinning and blog reading has led me to one conclusion: styling your bookshelves doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, it is a simple way to give your home a personality. Here are 7 secrets of the most stylish bookshelves.

Image via habitually chic

1. Pick a Theme: Use one color or concept as the driving idea behind styling your bookshelf. Go monotone, placing all of your white books and magazines on one book shelf and filling in with similarly colored accessories.

Image via Apartment 34

2. Arrange by Color: Stacking groups of books based on color is a quick and easy way to create a bookshelf that really grabs the eyes.

3. Keep Some Space: As tempting as it might be when you have a book collection rivaling Rory Gilmore's, don't fill your shelves with books from end to end.

4. Add Accessories: Once you have given your books a little space, add a few accessory, artwork and knick knacks to your shelves. Be sure to mix it up. Pick decorative objects of varying sizes and shapes. A few suggestions for getting started--a picture frame, a sculpture, a marquee letter, a piece of art, or a decorative plate.

5. Add a Little Green: Some of the most beautiful bookshelves I've found include a potted houseplant or succulents.

Image via Censational Girl

6. Add Personality: Add color or pattern to your bookshelves by personalizing the shelves. Or line the back of the shelf with pretty wallpaper or paint it with an accent color.

Image via Finding Home Online

7. Mix It Up: Play with the placement of books on the shelves. Place some books in stacks, line others side to side.

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