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The Final Frontier for Evolved, Modern Dads

I love my husband. He has truly gone above and beyond in the co-parenting thing. We had our issues in the beginning (who doesn't during the newborn months?), but I could not have picked a better person to marry and raise kids with.

There's one thing, though, this dude kinda sucks at: grooming his daughter. You would think this wouldn't be so hard, right? How can it be when you have a 2-year-old? Their fashion and hair-styling options are minimal, repetitive and pretty easy.

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Still, leave it to Dad to have his hands all tangled up in our daughter's hair. Leave it to him to put her in random colors and shoes that don't ever match anything she has on. Is there a solution to such a problem?

A salon in Denver seems to think so, and they are providing dads with one-on-one professional coaching. Not only will dads learn a few basics in the hairstyling department, but they will also get a chance to bond with their girls.

How precious is that?

Kudos to the salon owner for putting together such a fantastic trend. I never thought much about it, but I can see why men are so intimidated by doing their daughters' hair. There's so much: the combing, brushing, braiding, bows, twists, ties and ponytails. How is a man like my husband (who, by the way, has a bald head) expected to know how to do these things? When trying to show my husband how to do a few braids, he admitted that he was afraid of hurting our daughter. He didn't want to pull her her too tightly or accidentally scratch her.

"Her head's so small," he'd say. He's right. Building the confidence of fathers in this department means they'll be way more equipped and willing to toss a quick ponytail in their daughters' hair.

And you know what? Daughters need this.

My husband and daughter are the very best of friends. Their bond brings tears to my eyes, because I love how loving he is to her and how she craves his love and affection. Truthfully, it makes me a little jealous. Aside from that, I want my daughter to always feel this way about her daddy. I want them to have beautiful memories together. Oh, the stories she would tell to her friends discussing that her dad did her hair. She would be so proud of him and feel special that her daddy spends time with her each day helping her do her hair.

Somehow, it wouldn't be as special if it were just me doing it. But Daddy? Her knight in shining armor would get all of the glory, and I think that would do her so much good.

Plus, why do moms have to do all the hair?

You know what? It's 2015, right? Why is it expected for moms to do their daughters' hair? Men are staying at home with their kids, cooking and cleaning and taking on more domestic duties. So, come on, guys. Help us out in the kid-grooming department, too.

Even a control freak of a mom like me would have no problem passing over the combs and brushes to my husband and having him whip up a style or two throughout the week. In fact, if he were better than me, I'd open up a salon the weekends and invite my girlfriends' daughters over. Hair styles for all!

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Here's hoping that more salons cater to helping men care for their daughters this way. May it also inspire mothers to teach their partners how to help care for their girls. It's time, guys. You can do this!

Image by Brittany Minor

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