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Blake Lively Breastfeeds in Public Better Than You

In case you forgot that Blake Lively is stunningly beautiful, she is. In case you forgot she's an actress, she is. In case you forgot she's a mom, she is.

If any of that slipped your mind, she'll joyfully remind you of all three all at once. She recently posted a shot on Instagram, presumably with her sweet baby James close by, with a caption that read "The PERKS of breastfeeding," along with some bikini and baby bottle emojis. Her "bronde" hair is flowing, the sparkling blue-green water behind her is inviting, and she's wearing a sexy yet understated bikini that lets you know her after-baby body is probably about as flawless as any pre-baby body comes. In all of this, it's implied that she's breastfeeding.

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Ah, isn't breastfeeding—like life—just so easy?

It's not the first time Lively has publicly spoken about motherhood or breastfeeding since her daughter James was born in December. She told Allure magazine this spring how breastfeeding was her full-time job.

"I'm, like, driving down the road, pumping," she said. "Most of the things I do are all-consuming, but somehow I find a way to do it all."

Sigh. Of course she does. And at a time when breastfeeding in public, working while nursing and working moms are all hot topics, maybe it's nice for those who are not Lively and are struggling for balance to see it can be achieved. Although it's doubtful anyone sees Lively as a shining example of how career, healthy, beauty and family can all excel simultaneously.

What she might realistically be hurting are women reminded of how not so easy they have it by comparison.

Lively, like many other celebrities, is a brand. Her lifestyle website, Preserve, promotes "the stories and creations of artisans," off of which she presumably supplements her movie-star income. And while images of breastfeeding in public are great and empowering—particularly when you're aiming to market your goods and services to women who aspire to your easy-breezy style—this isn't how it looks for most women.

Bringing your baby to work (on a movie set on a paradise-like beach in Thailand), being perfectly coiffed and presumably having someone waiting just off camera to take and care for the baby when she's done nursing so Mom can get back to work — those are the perks when you're Lively. Pumping breast milk on a toilet, on the other hand, is the reality for too many others. Is Lively furthering the working-mom, breastfeeding-in-public cause? Well, it's hard to see how she could hurt it, although what she might realistically be hurting are the women reminded of how not-so-easy they have it by comparison.

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As the Grateful Dead sang, "Ain't no time to hate, barely time to wait," which could easily be the anthem of plenty of overworked and overtired moms. Lively isn't worthy of contempt; she's just doing her. On a relatable scale of 1 to 10, however, she seems to be dangerously close to approaching fellow actress/mom/lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow territory, which is perhaps an image that's not as worthy of a humble brag.

Image via Instagram/Blake Lively

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