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Radest Back to School Supplies Ever!

1. Interstellar Groove: This unisex textured backpack is so out-of-this-world that your kid will be the star of the school. It's sturdy construction holds up to even the most rough and tumble kids.

To buy: MadPax, $85

2. A Gentle Reminder: Every kid has a touch of ADD. Help remind them to "Stay Focused" this is funny notebook.

To buy: Bando, $9

3. Snail Pail: At home your kid might eat at a snail's speed, at school, however, this adorable insulated lunchbox might encourage her pick up the pace (recess is waiting after all). It also comes with a buckle clip on the strap so you can attach it to a book bag.

To buy: Target, $15

4. Mr. Cool Dude: Pack his favorite snacks in this stylish and durable plaid lunch bag. There is even a side mess pouch to fit a water bottle.

To buy: PB Teen, $20

5. Old School: Organization and kids normally aren't in the same sentence. These cool pencil cases will at least encourage them to attempt to be orderly.

To buy: Cool Pencil Case, $22

6. Dripping with Style: Why use a solid color binder when you can express yourself with this cool one. Fun fact: Usher helped design it.

To buy: Target, $4

7. Look At That Hottie: Famed artist Zio Zeigler designed these hot/cold lunch containers. These stainless steel containers can hold watermelon, dad's famous chili or even last night's leftovers.

To buy: PB Teen, $13

8. Locker Love: This fuzzy and oh-so-cute pencil case comes with a surprise. It has hidden magnets and can attach to a locker door.

To buy: Target, $6

9. Let's Do Lunch: The insulation on this lunch bag isn't the only thing that keeps it cool. It's retro clutch design is fabulous and you can even get it monogrammed.

To buy: PB Teen, $20

10. H2-Oh So Cool: Encourage your kids to drink more water with this double wall thermal water bottle. The mouth of the bottle is wide enough to put ice cubes in and even fits most standard bicycle water bottle cages.

To buy: Amazon, $9

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