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Make These Chic Twist Headbands In 5 Minutes

Have you ever tried counting all the T-shirts you have in your house? With a husband and four kids, I have tons at my house and it would probably take me forever to pull them all out and count them. But that's boring, so instead I decided to pull out a few with cute colors and prints, and I made some of these chic twist headbands. Five minutes is all it takes to sew together one of these cute headbands. And the bonus? Making these helped to clean out my house! Score one for me!

(Yes, Jennifer and Elizabeth–these are some of the lovely shirts you left behind in your closets. You should see them in your mailboxes very soon, but they will be looking much cuter than the last time you saw them!)

Here is what you need to make these beautiful headbands for yourself, a family member, or a friend:

  • 2 pieces of T-shirt material or jersey fabric that can be cut to 8" x 24"
  • Sewing Shears
  • Coordinating Thread
  • Sewing Machine

Cut two pieces of each color or pattern of T-shirt material to 8" x 24".

Take the two pieces of jersey fabric that you have cut to 8" x 24" and fold each in half lengthwise. If the material has a front and a back, make sure that you fold it so that right sides are together before you begin sewing. Sew a zigzag stitch along the long edge of the jersey.

Turn the strips inside out.

Here are all the headband strips I made.

After turning them inside out, lay both strips across each other, creating a cross or X shape.

Fold one strip in half around the other, and do the same with the second strip. This will create the knot at the top.

Gather the four ends of your jersey together and hold them flat. Sew a straight stitch, backstitching at the beginning and the end to bind all four layers together. Don't worry about how this looks, as it is going to be under your hair, but you should try to make sure that the edges match.

You are done! I love these, and I think that these would be a great gift for anyone including that new mom in your life. You can also use stretch jersey material if you have some, but I used T-shirt material because I have a ton. They not only help you to feel cool and comfortable during the summer months, but they are also very feminine. Love that!

Happy sewing!

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