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10 Ways Moms Can Feel Like a Real Person Again

We moms need something for ourselves. Something just for us. I spend a huge chunk of my time just being "Mommy," and sometimes I don't even feel like a person anymore. (My almost 4-year-old used my boob as a napkin the other day. A napkin. He literally swiped his dirty hands across my chest to clean them off.)

When we moms have something for ourselves—for me, it's my career, but for others maybe it's a sport or a hobby or even a weekly activity alone—it makes every other aspect of our lives shine. I may spend some time away from my kids because of work, but I always come home a happier person and a much better mommy.

It's the little things that help me recharge my batteries. Last weekend, my husband took the kids out for breakfast and I stayed back. I had a towering list of things to do. Instead, I made myself a cup of coffee and watched some awful reality TV. By the time they came home, I was rested and ready to go.

Here are 10 other non-mom things that all moms need to do alone:

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1. Take a shower

By yourself. Yes, I know, the ultimate indulgence—a shower without tiny little humans opening the shower door every three seconds. Dare to dream.

2. Hell, kick it up a notch and take a bath

When's the last time you were able to actually sit down for more than three minutes at a time?

3. Go to a movie

Grab a friend or go alone, who cares? Just go. Get some popcorn, kick up your feet and enjoy a flick without your tots telling you they have to go potty every five minutes.

4. Go to the supermarket—by yourself

OK, yes, I can see why you think that one isn't so fabulous. Sometimes doing the littlest things by yourself can be so easy and so freeing that they seem like a sheer pleasure.

5. Go to the mall by yourself

It doesn't matter whether you have anything you actually need to do. It's all about being alone, being an adult and doing what you want to do. If that means sneaking in a vanilla latte, too, go ahead. I won't tell.

6. Schedule all of your doctor's appointments

Maybe it's not the sexiest thing on your list, but it's something that needs to be on your list. So, while you've got a quiet house, pick up the phone and get all of your doctor's appointments scheduled.

7. See your friends

I was recently at an event complaining to a friend about how hard it is to get out of the house. Even if you've got a sitter or your husband/partner home with the kiddies, there's the inevitable guilt ("You're leaving?!") associated with ever leaving your house. So, go ahead—call a girlfriend and make plans.

8. Have adult conversations

Sometimes as a mom, it seems like all you do is talk about your kids. Here's the summer challenge: Next time you see friends, try to talk about anything else besides your kids. "But what else is there to talk about?" I hear you saying. Do you know how your friends met their husbands/significant others? Do you know what they majored in in college? Hell, do you even know where your mommy friends went to college? We were all functioning adults before we had kids and, back then, we had plenty to talk about. So, do it!

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9. Tackle your to-do list

Those big projects you're saving for a rainy day? Well, it may not be raining out, but summer is a great time to be productive.

10. Ride a bike

We're moms, so most of the bike action we see is from behind, where we're holding the seat, teaching a little one to ride. But when was the last time YOU got on a bike? I promise you, it's more fun that you've had in a while. Bike riding isn't just for the kiddies. And it's great exercise, to boot.

Image via Twenty20/ingridlovesphotography

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