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25 Celebrities Having a Better Summer Than You

I'm in a summer funk. I didn't get to go to a far-off land, I didn't bask in the glory of my bod on a private yacht and I didn't get to make out with Joe Manganiello.

But I can do the next best thing, I suppose, which is living vicariously through these 25 celebrity parents. They're showing summer who's boss. (Spoiler: them. They're boss.)

These celeb moms and dads were perfectly posed by the pool. When they weren't jetting off to Africa, Asia and Italy. And looking damn good doing it all. Yes, these stars—from Beyoncé to Beckham—had a better summer than us all.

Which kind of makes me feel better about being cooped up, covered in wood glue and longing for palm trees, yachts and a little bit of glamour.

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Jessica Simpson
They pose glamorously on a boat in the middle of a lake.

Gisele Bundchen
They do yoga in paradise with a pint-sized partner.

They hang out on a perfectly manicured lawn looking thoughtful and awesome.

Drew Barrymore
They make fly fishing look totally cool.

Heidi Klum
They've had four kids, and they look like this while on a private yacht.

Hugh Jackman
They can take a selfie while driving an ATV.

Gwen Stefani

They keep calm before the storm while vacaying in Montana.

Rachel Zoe
They get all dressed up in Positano.

Gwyneth Paltrow
They cold-chill in Positano with the cool kids.

Reese Witherspoon
They sit on a flight of stairs and look like they're posing in the pages of a magazine.

David Beckman

They visit far-off lands.

Kate Hudson
This is how they lounge poolside.

Padma Lakshmi

They go to a party in the country dressed like this.

Miranda Kerr
They hang out in places where fountains like this exist.

Britney Spears
They're surrounded by palm trees and kids (and don't look sweaty or frazzled).

They get their kids to give them foot massages.

Neil Patrick Harris
They forage for their own food, and it ends up looking spectacular.

Elizabeth Banks
They go fishing and actually catch something.

Tori Spelling
Their lemonade stand is fancier than your lemonade stand.

Cindy Crawford
They make their husband's flannel look glam.

Sofia Vergara
They get sugar from this guy.

Kim Kardashian
They feast on beignets. And don't wind up covered in clouds of powdered sugar. (Magic?)

Uma Thurman
They get to hang out with cool animals.

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Mariah Carey
Their summer can be spent here. (Their summer IS spent here. Sigh.)

Soleil Moon Frye
They vacation with other celebrities.

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