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What Connects All Moms to Mariah Carey

We've all been there: you're receiving a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame when one of your kids interrupts this career highlight. OK, that might not be real life for most of us, but it happened this week to Mariah Carey, when son Moroccan crashed her photo op. I know what you're thinking: "Wait, she didn't have a star already?"

Carey's mark on music, now immortalized, is the real story. But an unexpected one arose when Mariah's son refused to leave his mom's side. An assistant swept the boy—arms outstretched—away from the scene, while the famous mom continued posing without missing a beat.

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But the deed was done.

People soon chimed in on social media. Some reproached the singer-songwriter for not immediately hugging her son. Others joked that not even her children are spared from her diva behavior.

But this wasn't anything other than a cute, show-stealing moment.

... [E]ven though she never flinched (she's a pro after all), I'm sure she had her own internal "Oh God, not now" moment.

Let me be the first to say, I know that feeling, Mariah Carey. We might not relate to having walk-in shoe closets or legions of fans, but we've all had our kids interrupt work. How different is that from what happened to Mariah? My daughter will come up to me when I'm at my desk and shout, "I want to climb this mountain!" For a moment, I fall in love with the metaphor. But my waxing poetic evaporates as soon as my toddler gets a foothold in my side. Sometimes I stop what I'm doing and focus on her. But other times? I have to keep working.

All moms have drawn lines with their children that say, "I can't be with you this instant."

Unlike Mariah, most of us don't have personal assistants who can whisk our children away. But we might have daycare drop-offs, spouses, nannies, grandparents or babysitters. The difference is that the moments in which our children cling to us don't become Internet fodder. So, I kinda feel for Mariah. Because, even though she never flinched (she's a pro after all), I'm sure she had her own internal "Oh God, not now" moment.

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Sometimes kids have mini meltdowns, and we're not always going to scoop them up. It doesn't make anyone a bad kid or a bad mom. There's always time for hugs—after mommy finishes getting that lifetime achievement award.

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