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Wait, What Are We Hating On Now?

Look, I get it. Some parents aren't into the whole "tell the world baby's gender before baby is born" thing.


These people aren't going to have a gender reveal party, and I can totally respect this. In that realm are the people, like me, who have limited ultrasounds (if any). It also includes expectant parents have no interest in even finding out what's going on in there, and that's OK, too.

But for the parents that do get ultrasounds and find out their child's gender, it can be a celebration. "Yes, we knew a baby was in there but OHMIGOODNESS. It's a girl!" Or...it's a boy! How exciting. You finally get to put a name or idea to that fuzzy little ultrasound picture. The future becomes a bit brighter, because you know what you're going to have.

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Control freaks like me have no intention to wait nine or 10 months to discover what they're going to have. This mama likes to plan, so I purposely found out the gender of both of my children. Each time, we were all so elated. Why wait until a baby is born to celebrate this? What rule states that a fetus shouldn't be celebrated? While I opted to not have a gender reveal party, I did announce the genders in fun and creative ways, and I have zero regrets about that. Those who care, really care. Those who didn't, well, the reveals weren't for them anyway.

So why the hate for gender reveal parties? They aren't done to irritate anyone.

I would have likely had a gender reveal party if I lived around more family. Do you really need an excuse for cake? I think not. I've been to several casual gender reveal parties, and the perception that they are just another way to "rack up gifts" couldn't be more false. Of the many parties that I've been to, the parents specifically asked guests to not bring gifts. Their agenda was simple: come hang out with us, eat some food and "Oh, while you're here, we're gonna tell you whether we're having a boy or girl."

Simple, right? It's all love, bro.

So why the hate for gender reveal parties? They aren't done to irritate anyone. File them under just another reason to hang out with those you love. I've attended gender reveal parties casually disguised as BBQs, dinners, family outings and just simple hangouts. They are never as heavily done up as baby showers and bridal showers. They're sweet and memorable and did I mention that the whole pink cake or blue cake thing is a good incentive to go?

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Seriously, you could be celebrating your cat's birthday and I'll push past my allergies to go if you tell me cake will be involved. Simmer down, gender reveal party haters. You don't have to go but try and understand how this celebration can be a big deal to some.

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