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9 Hidden Perks of Being a Work-at-Home Mom

Photograph by Twenty20

After months of working from home and working outside of the home, I finally made the leap to become a full-time work-at-home mom. There were a lot of reasons my husband and I decided it was best for our family that I quit my job in healthcare. I missed my kids; I had my heart set on a completely different career—I wanted to write and it was hard to find time while I was also working outside the home; and, with my husband's new and more demanding job, we were struggling to maintain a normal family life.

Now, I am writing from home full-time while I am also taking care of my two young daughters. I love it. Being a work-at-home mom has been one of the hardest and most rewarding things I have ever done. I am still in a season of adjusting to our new normal as a family, but I am quickly seeing there are so many hidden perks to being a work-at-home mom beyond the precious time we get to spend with our kids.

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1. Avoid daycare

Working from home allows many moms to avoid the cost of daycare. Even though some moms choose to hire a babysitter from time-to-time as a way to stay caught up on work, if money is tight it is not an absolute necessity.

2. You can wear yoga pants and a T-shirt to work

Working at home means you can put comfort first when deciding what to wear each day.

3. Freedom to attend play dates and school activities

Moms who work full-time outside of the home rarely get to say yes to play date invitations. Sometimes, that means it's hard to make mom friends. Working from home gives moms a more flexible schedule, allowing them to participate more in play dates and school activities (unless there is a deadline looming, of course!)

4. Early bird? No problem!

My brain is sharpest from about 5 a.m. to noon. Another WAHM I know loves to work from 8 p.m. to midnight every day. Working from home gives moms the freedom to schedule their work during their best hours, which allows them to be more productive in a shorter amount of time.

5. Built-in sick days

Calling in when your child is sick is one of the hardest parts of being a working mom. You don't want to let your coworkers down, but you also want to take care of your child. Plus, chances are pretty high your daycare will show you the door if you show up with a feverish child. Working from home with a sick child is definitely not easy, but I am glad I can be available for my children more than I was when I was working outside of the home.

6. Work from any location

Just because they call it "working at home," doesn't mean all work-at-home moms are actually staying at home. The flexibility that comes with working from home allows many moms to travel more with their family or spend a little more time in their favorite coffee shop (my favorite place to work when I have a babysitter).

7. Saving money in unexpected ways

For many moms, working from home means taking a pay cut. I was pleasantly surprised when I realized my pay cut was a wash because I was now saving money on clothes, lunches and gas.

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8. Flexible earning potential

Working from home gives moms a variable earning potential they may not have had at their outside-of-the-home job. This flexibility allows them to say no to work if they are having a busy week or pick up more work when there are unexpected expenses.

9. More time to devote to marriage

Some times, when you work outside of the home, it's really hard to get one-on-one time with your husband because your childcare budget is already maxed out or you feel guilty spending extra time away from your kids.

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