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10 Extreme Theme Bedrooms For Kids

I like to buy cute throw pillows and coordinating linens at Target just as much as the next mom, but these ten theme bedrooms for kids are taking things to a whole other level. Excuse my snark.

Image via abc.go.com

1. Disney Princess Bedroom: Every little girl seem to go through a "princess" phase, although most get through the phase by memorizing princess song lyrics and wearing a plastic tiara. Let's just hope this little girl doesn't move on to a dinosaur phase next week.

Image via jfishart.com

2. Star Fighter Battle Bedroom: In this Star Wars battle themed bedroom, your child can wake up every morning to the sight of a storm trooper pointing a weapon at their head.

Image via abc.go.com

3. Candy Shop Bedroom: This candy, ice cream, and cupcake filled bedroom will make sure your child is thinking about sugar while they're trying to concentrate on doing their homework.

Image cia matheusphoto.com

4. Swimming Under an Elephant Bedroom: This bedroom lets your child get a realistic idea of what it would look like to be laying at the bottom of a swimming pool while an elephant floated directly above them, which if we are being honest, would be a really dangerous situation.

Image via people.hgtv.com

5. Airplane Bedroom: This airplane bedroom looks pricey, and it's obviously built to be visually pleasing for adults. But it's probably very confusing for children because they've never seen an airplane that looks like that quaint antique plane. Thanks for the cool trash can bed, mommy!

Image via jfishart.com

6. Runway Bedroom: Reinforce your exhibitionist child's desire to be the center of attention by building them this bedroom that puts their bed center stage on a glowing catwalk. Appearance isn't important. We just want you to be a good person, honey.

Image via geekologie.com

7. Dinosaur Attack Bedroom: If your kid really, really loves dinosaurs, then it stands to reason that they would love to be eaten by a dinosaur...right? The logic seems solid to me. So why not give your dinosaur-loving kid a bed that simulates the last thing they would see before being consumed by a T-Rex?

Image via freshideen.com

8. Black Light Bedroom: Give your child a blacklight and laser light show themed bedroom. Then they'll feel unexplainably peaceful and at home when they get invited to their first psychedelic parties in college. Good job, parents.

Image via designdazzle.com

9. Dump Truck Bedroom: Dear kid, I hope you don't want to do any playing in your bedroom because the massive dump truck bed appears to be taking up all the space. It lights up though, so that's cool.

Image via creenmagazine.com

10. Tree Swings Bedroom: You've placed a fake tree with a rope swing a few feet from your child's bed. Prepare yourself for years of loud thumps followed by crying and asking for ice packs at 3 am.

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