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Top 10 Hottest Back-To-School Trends for 2015, According to Pinterest

For kids around the country, back-to-school time is officially here and it's everything. And unlike past generations, kids (and parents) have an insight into the hottest must-have trends beyond combing through dELiA*s catalogs: They have Pinterest. According to the mega social media site, there have been over 70 million back-to-school pins this past summer, an almost 300% increase in the normal school-related content. And through all of that data, Pinterest narrowed down the 10 most popular back-to-school trends for the 2015 school year.

Without further ado, here are the top back-to-school trends taking Pinterest boards and classrooms by storm:

Image via mochithings.com

1. Pouches Are The New Purse: Kids today want more than a standard pencil pouch (so basic right?). 2015's pouches are all about organizational pockets and zippers for supplies and devices.

Image via harpersbazaar.com

2. Boots Made For Combat: They're baaaack and possibly hotter than ever. This year's back-to-school shoe of choice is definitely the combat boot — or so our Pinterest boards would have us believe.

Image via KeeleyMcGuire.com

3. Outside-The-Sandwich Lunches: According to Pinterest, "sandwiches have left the building." And as per the Pinterest norm, parents' bento box skills are putting us mere mortals to shame.

Image via Urban Outfitters

4. Artsy Notebooks: Kids want everything (yes, even their notebooks) to make a statement — whether they're pinning boutique-style notebooks or opting for DIY ideas, this trend is here to stay…until they discover how cool Moleskins are at least.

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Image via State Bags

5. Old School Backpacks Are Making A Comeback: If your middle schooler needs to be on-trend this year, here's a tip: Old-school or "heritage" backpacks are totally in. Look for a lightweight, durable canvas backpack with cool, old-school style.

Image via Target.com

6. Backpack Fresheners: I'm not sure when or why backpack fresheners became a "thing," but apparently kids' today want their backpacks to smell as fresh as possible. Or maybe it's the wishful thinking of Pinterest-happy moms of pubescent boys.

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Image via mswenduhh.blogspot.com

7. DIY Stickers: Stickers aren't exactly a new trend, but it's easier than ever for kids to customize and print their own at home. Whether it's to decorate notebooks or lockers, or to label elementary-school kids' supplies, DIY sticker makers are all the rage this year.

Image via craft-o-maniac.com

8. Homework Stations: Pinterest users just love pinning and searching for organizational ideas for kids' homework — from homemade supply caddies to creative desk ideas.

Image via tailgateclothing.com

9. Funny T-Shirts: Apparently kids and parents prefer a back-to-school wardrobe with a sense of humor (YOLO!). At least that's what the pins are telling us.

Image via Stars & Sunshine

10. Creative Lunch Notes: A piece of notebook paper just doesn't cut it these days. Pinterest parents are taking lunchbox notes up a level with unique, creative lunch messages which is bananas, like, via bananas.

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