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What It's Really Like to Work Out With Kids Around (in GIFs)

It's really important for me to look my best.

Image via Imgur

So, I work out. But I don't just work out because I'm vain. I also do it for my emotional well-being.

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I try to work out in the morning before my children wake up. Because I am a morning person.

Image via Imgur

But sometimes my kids are up before my alarm goes off. Which is great because I love spending more time with them.

Image via Reddit

Great. I decide I'm going to do my workout while they watch TV. This should go well. I'm a fit mom.

Image via Imgur

But my kids want to work out with me.

Image via Tumblr

Which is going to go well because they like to help.

Image via Imgur

Plus, I love setting a good example for them.

Image via Imgur

A healthy active lifestyle is a value I want my children to have.

Image via Buzzfeed

Which is why I like them to see me work hard.

Image via Rudefeed

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And they are very respectful of my space.

Image via Buzzfeed

And then, just like that, the workout is over before an episode of Dora is even over. See, it's easy! Workout with your kids!

Image via Imgur

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