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Creative Children's Spaces

Ashlyn Gibson's book "Creative Children's Spaces" is chock-full of fantastic ideas on how to mix kids, their stuff and your style into your home. The "fresh and imaginative ideas for modern family homes" is exactly the type of sourcebook you need when you want to live beautifully yet let your kids express themselves through artwork and their collections.

"Vibrant colors contrast with a black background to create a dramatic display of children's art. Search for interesting colors outside the everyday palette. Here, colored paper turns children's cutouts into striking silhouettes. Give your children the freedom to add their favorite pictures or collectors' cards," according to Gibson.

This bedroom is full of color but because of the white walls, it feels contained and comfortable rather than overwhelming. Mixing vintage toys with new adds a layer of coziness to the space.

Celebrating your children's artwork will encourage confidence and personal expression, says Gibson. Here, artwork gets layered above a writing desk with simple tape and can be added to or subtracted from, at will.

Adding a "comfortable and cozy reading zone will encourage children to settle down with a good book." Chalkboard paint was added to the cabinets so the kids can scribble and draw when the urge strikes them. Ample cupboard space contains items you don't want to see, while display shelves allow for family favorites to take their place.

Excerpted from: "Creative Children's Spaces" by Ashlyn Gibson (Ryland Peters & Small). Photography by Ben Robertson. Available at Amazon.

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