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Birch Tree Art DIY

I was challenged to recreate one of my blog friend's DIY wall art. So, I took inspiration from her birch-tree-painted wall and created colorful, dimensional birch tree canvas art. This was probably the easiest DIY art I have ever created!

When it comes to DIY art, anything that looks great and can be done very simply is a win-win for me. I tell you, amigos, this DIY birch tree canvas art is easy. Selecting your background color will probably be your hardest task.

To make the white and black birch trees truly pop, you will need to select a bright background color. I chose chartreuse, and boy does this pop. You'll need a canvas, a background paint color, black paint, an old card, painter's tape, and a brush.

I followed the taping and painting technique that April from Uncookie Cutter used. Be sure to remove the tape to the single trees and any overlapping trees when the paint is almost, but not completely dry.

Don't worry about the taped off trees underneath just yet. To add dimension, I smudged the paint after applying the first bit of black paint to the trees. Using a circular and downward motion is best since you want to make the tree bark look rounded.

Then, I added more black paint using the painting technique with the credit card. This will add more dimension to your trees and highlight the tree bark.

I repeated the process to all the trees. The entire project took less than 30 minutes. I made the art piece during my kids' nap time and still had time to spare to snap some pictures.

I just love how the smudged paint adds so much dimension to the trees and the chartreuse background makes the trees seem like they are popping out of the painting. What color would you use? Do you think your wall could use a bit of birch tree art?

Head on over to my blog to check out what other DIY projects I have done for my Casa!

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