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10 Normal Things Dads Make Sexy

Photograph by Instagram

Once my husband became a dad, he suddenly got sexier. I think this is the case for most men. There are so many opportunities for dads to look attractive just doing the things that moms do without fanfare every day.

Here are the 10 sexiest:

10. Carrying snacks

There is something crazy hot about a man who will pleasure you and then offer you treats such as small boxes of raisins or squeezable yogurt.

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9. Folding small clothes

Just imagine his big, rough hands folding tiny onesies and washcloths. Now picture him putting them away in the correct drawers. Right?

8. Changing a diaper

Watching a guy wipe a newborn's bottom and then expertly pulling open and securing the side tabs of a Pampers is even hotter than him unhooking a bra clasp with one hand.

7. Yelling at kids

There is something authoritative and hot about a dad taking charge like this. Whether he's admonishing his own child or telling kids in the neighborhood to get off his lawn, when he breaks out the "dad" voice, you know it's on.

6. Dressing his kids

My own husband has dressed our daughter in tights as pants. The fact that he made an effort is just totally adorable. (Bonus points for crooked ponytails).

If a man decides to rest with a sleeping baby on his chest, all bets are off.

5. Reading stories

There's something seriously attractive about a man when he's encouraging literacy among his offspring.

4. Singing kid songs

If the wheels on his bus are going round and round, you know we'll be down.

3. Dressing up for Halloween

When my son was 2, he wanted to be Curious George. Seeing my own husband dressed up as The Man with the Yellow Hat, holding his little monkey, was one of the sweetest and sexiest things I've ever seen.

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2. Napping

If a man decides to rest with a sleeping baby on his chest, all bets are off. We will literally move that baby into the its crib to get on top of him.

1. Baby wearing

The ultimate accessory for a good-looking man is a cute baby, so word to the wise—strap one on.

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