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10 Amazingly Easy Halloween Costumes That Start with A Bed Sheet

Did you know there are lots of easy DIY kids' Halloween costumes that start with a basic bed sheet? And no, we're not talking about cutting two eye holes in the sheet and calling it a ghost.

Why stress over a costume, when Halloween can be simple, laid-back fun instead? Check out these 10 easy DIY bed sheet costume ideas.

Image via tellloveandparty.com

1. Mummy: Making a mummy costume is as simple as tearing strips of an old sheet and tying them around your kid. If you want to get fancy with it, you can even tea-dye the strips different hues for more "fresh form the crypt" look.

Photo by Kristy Stinnette

2. Angel: You can whip up this bed sheet angel costume in a matter of minutes with just a sheet, some ribbon, and a bit of sparkly pipe cleaner for the halo. It's cheap, it's easy, and you might even be able to use it again for the Christmas pageant.

Image via milkandcuddles.com

3. Statue of Liberty: In case you never noticed, our Statue of Liberty is basically wearing a big toga. What a perfect use for an old bed sheet dyed green! Simply pin in place and finish off the look with a homemade crown and a flashlight torch.

Image via thecontemplativecreative.blogspot.com

4. Princess Leia: This Leia costume is spot on and only takes two minutes to make. All you need is a white sheet, a belt and a toy light saber. What a great last-minute costume idea for adults, as well!

Image via genieinablog.com

5. Bats (or Butterflies): You can use an old sheet to make these easy bat wings with dark fabric, or for something a little less spooky, color or paint on lighter colored sheets for butterfly or fairy wings.

Image via savegreenbeinggreen.blogspot.com

6. Olaf the Snowman: OK, I know this is not the fanciest Olaf costume in town. But it's adorable and it only requires an old sheet and some fabric paint.

Image via slapdashmom.com

7. Medusa: This medusa costume is made from an old sheet and a bunch of cheap plastic snakes. Medusa is a costume you don't see on kids every day, but I think it's just the right amount creepy for a kid who wants a scary costume.

Image via makeit-loveit.com

8. Little Red Riding Hood: The dress and boots are nice, but the real star of a Little Red Riding Hood costume is the red-caped cloak, which you can make with an old sheet. True, not many people have red sheets, but you can easily dye an old white sheet red if you need to. Here's a video tutorial on making a red hooded cloak from a sheet.

Image via ziggityzoom.com

9. Nurse or Doctor: If you've got an old white sheet or pillowcase around, you can whip up a homemade nurse or doctor costume in a matter of minutes. Personalize the costume by writing your child's name on the front and making accessories from construction paper.

Image via thirtyhandmadedays.com

10. Superhero Cape: What kid doesn't like to pretend to be a superhero? Why not give them a special superhero name of their own this Halloween, then use an old sheet to create a personalized superhero cape just for them? The best part of this project is that kids will get many hours of fun out of their personalized capes long after Halloween is over.

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