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Just 8 Reasons Target Totally Owns Us

Photograph by Twenty20

Last night, I tucked my big kids in bed, kissed my husband goodnight and told him that the baby and I were running to Target. We needed groceries and it just couldn’t wait. My sanity couldn’t wait.

In addition to “groceries”—which is what I loosely called a mix of food, Dollar Spot items, mom athleisure and decor—I generally needed to bask in the peace of the red bullseye. It had been a day. A day only Target could cure.

Without further adieu, here’s exactly why Target owns me … and probably you too.

Starbucks is front and center, literally.

Can you say shopping fuel? I love nothing more than the fact that my two favorite businesses are essentially one. Mermaid meet bullseye, you two were meant to be.

Cartwheel coupons are meant just for me.

I know there's a whole creepy science behind the coupons in the “For You” category, but you know what, it’s nice to know that someone is paying attention to what mama likes. Why yes, I do have my eye out for a new plant stand! How. Did. You. Know?

Target is crushing on Chip and Jo too.

I love the Magnolia empire. You love it. And thank heavens, Target loves it all too. It’s my honest to goodness prayer that Hearth & Hand is always a part of Target.

Long live the bullseye!

There is no judgement.

At Target, there are moms just like you. They cart all their kids, hand over their iPhone and browse while their kids catch a little Disney Junior. No shame. Trends are basically a no-guilt splurge.

Want to try out overalls or rock some '70s sleeves? Target lets you give it a go without breaking the bank. Oh, and you want to toss an extra 20 percent clearance coupon my way, Cartwheel? Thanks!

Target speaks my language.

Recently, I grabbed a new tee for my son from the Cat & Jack line. Did he need a new shirt? Nope! Could I pass up a bright orange top that said, “A little kindness changes everything”? Definitely not! I just love the words they’ve chosen to empower our kids. Raising little Targetites, I am.

REDcard equals receipt.

I hate saving receipts and thus, love that my REDcard logs all my purchases making exchanges and returns easy peasy. Plus, 5 percent off. Plus, free shipping online. Shopping for essentials (and extras) has never been so simple.

Target is the home of amazing collaborations.

I mean, Hunter launches this month! April 7th for REDcard holders, the 14th for all. *happy dance*

I know I'm not the only mom living in the Target bubble. Target is life! And saying that obviously means that Target owns me. But if you don't care, I don't care.

Long live the bullseye!

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