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OMG, Calm Down! So What If a Mom Shows Some Cleavage?

Photograph by Instagram

In a universe where world leaders tweet insults to one another and celebrities are constantly getting caught in the bad behavior spin cycle, model, mom and entrepreneur Elizabeth Hurley has managed to cross the line and meet the ire of her fans by showing off what can best described as miraculous cleavage. Hurley, 52, recently wore a J.Lo-style dress to her son’s birthday party and the people of the internet went wild.


Happy Birthday to my little prince @damianhurley1 . The light of my life for the last 16 years 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

According to the trolls, it’s not the fact that Hurley wore the revealing dress that's pissing them off, it’s the fact that she wore the dress and she’s a mom. Because, you know, there's apparently a mom dress code we are all supposed to adhere to.

“You’re a mom,” many commenters said. “Moms shouldn’t dress sexy. They shouldn’t show their cleavage.”

"Holy cow. Why wear any clothes at all ? Tacky in front of your son."

"Creepy showing off at your son's birthday. Cover up, you're a mum."

The implication from all the haters is that it’s inappropriate for a mom to dress sexy around her child, or maybe that moms are superheroes who look dowdy by day and look sexy at night, but only out of eyeshot of their children.

Apparently, we’re supposed to love our mom bods only when our children aren’t looking.

Once again, the internet has it all wrong when it comes to motherhood. Women don’t go into some sort of dumpy witness protection program when we have kids.

Women are told we should be proud of our mom bods and that we should love ourselves no matter what. We’re told how sexy aging is, and that there is nothing hotter than motherhood. And yet, the minute a mom shows a bit of boob, she’s branded inappropriate—even a bad mom.

Apparently, we’re supposed to love our mom bods only when our children aren’t looking.

Whether you look like Hurley or not, the issue isn’t that hot moms should be able to show a little cleavage. The issue is that any mom should be able to dress how she wants, even around her children. We have to stop holding mothers to some standard that has them living like nuns who have no fun and no sex appeal.

Clearly, whatever Hurley’s doing to take care of herself is working and she reason to be proud of her amazing body. Here’s hoping the next thing she posts on Instagram is her secret to stopping time.

Because, damn, girl—we need to know.

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