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2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Ages 6 to 8

1. Edible Chemistry Kit, $17; 2. Classic Simon Game, $25; 3. Build Your Own City, $35; 4. Penny Portrait Kit, $24; 5. Sailing Ship Kite, $40; 6. Crayon Gems, $5; 7. BB8 Robot, $150; 8. Farm Laboratory Grow Box, $35; 9. Artis Surplus Jar, $29; 10. 3D Earth Puzzle, $28

The best part about gifting to 6- to 8-year-olds? They are still young enough to get gifts that are functional, educational and creative. This is also the age when cool kits, technology and more complicated puzzles can be introduced, making it fun for the whole family to participate. Whether your kid is into food, science, art, robotics, crafting, building or all of the above, these gifts will strike the perfect note—before they are old enough to realize hanging with the family isn't "cool" anymore.

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