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Rock Out With Your Mop Out! Our Ultimate Spring Cleaning Playlist

If you're anything like me, cleaning is such a plague on your existence that you've been reduced to childish tactics to get even the slightest bit of tidying accomplished. I basically bribe myself: a cupcake after vacuuming, a soda for doing the floors, maybe a piece of garlic bread once the laundry's folded. While this tactic is supremely effective for a guest-ready home, my waistline isn't exactly ready for its Instagram closeup. (In fact, it might even be time to bust out my maternity wear again!) That's why I've started crafting playlists that I save solely for chores. High-tempo sing-alongs make the time fly by! And, because I'm burning so many calories rocking out, bikini selfies might not be that far-fetched (I kid).

Here's the one I currently have on repeat. Happy sweeping, dusting, mopping and dishwashing, ladies!

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