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2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Pre-K

1. Kinetic Sand, $15 2. Magna-Tiles, $52 3. Doctor Kit, $22 4. Mini Micro Scooter, $80 5. Dinosaur Helmet, $25 6. Kid's Chef Set, $25 7. Play Cash Register, $26 8. Mini Monsters Scented Neon Markers , $4 9. Opposites Puzzle, $15 10. ABC Magnatab, $25

Congratulations, you've finally hit the age where it becomes really fun to buy them gifts! Since preschoolers have so many interests and passions combined with their amazing capacity for learning, the possibilities may seem truly endless. As a parent, I always love gifts that teach my 4-year-old a new skill—whether it's learning to write her letters through an ingenious magnetic pad, counting fake money with a toy cash register, learning opposite pairings through a whimsically illustrated puzzle, or helping Mom and Dad in the kitchen with her own set of kid-friendly cooking tools, these are all items that entertain as they educate.

The other type of gift I love is the kind that can occupy them for a long time—because, hello, silence is golden for any busy parent. My daughter can play for hours with her kinetic sand (and cleanup is a breeze!) or her doctor's kit (although this one will most likely involve parental or sibling participation as their patient). And anything like Magna-Tiles—which encourage not only creativity and imagination, but STEM skills in girls and boys—earns an A+ in my book.

Another universal desire by parents of preschoolers everywhere? That their kid will actually be tired by bedtime. So get them something that encourages physical activity as well as some fresh air, like an age-approrpiate scooter along with the most awesome helmet around. It's a win-win for parent and child!

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