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Halloween Craft Paper Spider Web

This impressive and easy craft-paper spider web will gets loads of oohs and ahhhs from kids and adults this Halloween.


  • Craft paper cut into a square (the larger the square, the larger the web)
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape


  1. Cut craft paper into a square
  2. Fold into a triangle, top to bottom.
  3. Using the right bottom corner as the lead, fold into a triangle.
  4. Using the bottom corner as the lead, fold into a triangle.
  5. Snip off the top of the craft paper to get a straight edge at the top.
  6. Cut rectangles into the craft paper (the non-seam side), leaving a little at the top and bottom.
  7. Unfold carefully.
  8. Attach double-sided tape and hang on a wall or doorframe.
  9. Add pom pom spiders and other creepy crawlies to web.

Follow our visual guide here:

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