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10 Reasons I Love Living in a Tiny Home

Photograph by Twenty20

My family of four lives in a two bedroom, one bath, 855 square foot home. And despite the occasional bathroom "emergency" we do so happily.

Our home is undoubtably smaller than the average American family home but it was originally built with a young family in mind. Our cozy 1950's neighborhood was created for young modern families, the suburban streets lined with small but well appointed two and three bedroom, one bath homes on spacious (in California terms) lots.

Our neighborhood is now a mix of elderly people who have been here from the start, empty nesters looking to downsize, and young couples starting families. Many people move out or add on when their family grows, but so far we have happily stayed put. Don't get me wrong, there are certainly times when I dream of more space. However, instead of focusing on how nice it would be to take a shower without a kindergartener using the toilet, I thought it would be nice to share the 10 reasons I love living in a tiny house.

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1. Tiny homes make close families. In our house there is an actual physical closeness that helps us with our emotional closeness. It's hard to feel lonely when you are near those who love you. It encourages sharing, communication, and cooperation. I don't need a baby monitor to know my baby needs me and I always know what my kindergartener is up to.

2. Small homes are good for the environment. They have a smaller footprint, they use less energy to heat and cool, and they require less to create and keep up.

3. A tiny house encourages minimalism. I like to say that my little home keeps me honest. I simply do not have the space to amass loads and loads of things. It also inspires me to sort and purge my children's things regularly. We are my no means living in a stark environment, but our small house helps keep my hoarding tendencies in check.

4. Cleaning a little home is a cinch. I can vacuum the whole house without unplugging the vacuum. And, since it's small and easy, it's also very affordable to hire a cleaning person.

With no guest room and limited restroom facilities only the very closest of friends and family stay the night.

5. Little homes send you outside. Having a small house encourages you to spend more time outside, where there is plenty of wide open space. Whether it's heading to the backyard or packing up and hitting the park, a simple change of scenery is ever more inviting when you live in a tight space. I can only image how many fewer adventures this homebody would have if she didn't feel compelled to get out.

6. My tiny house has no stairs. I'm lazy, and oh so grateful that I don't have to climb a flight of stairs before falling into bed.

7. Only the closest guests stay over. With no guest room and limited restroom facilities only the very closest of friends and family stay the night. This means no awkward and overdrawn visits. Plus, when we do have guests it feels like a super fun slumber party.

8. Small houses have small(er) price tags. We live in an expensive area so we really couldn't afford a much larger house without moving away. We don't just save money on the mortgage, it's also cheaper to maintain.

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9. We get to know our neighbors. Little homes on little streets means you get to know the people who live around you. It is so nice to feel a true sense of community that can sometimes be lacking in neighborhoods full of much larger homes.

10. Tiny homes are all kinds of cozy. For me home is the place you feel most comfortable. My small home is warm and inviting, it feels like a reassuring hug. It is full to the brim with the people I love most and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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