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What Not to Say to Moms of Girls

My husband and I doubled up on daughters. Our oldest was born 16 years ago, and our second followed 27 months later. Believe it or not, we stopped after that, which seemed to leave people absolutely dumbfounded. Some had a hard time understanding how we could possibly be fulfilled without having a son. Weren’t we going to keep trying until we had a boy? They made it sound so simple, like buying a box of Cracker Jack every week and looking for the one that has the decoder ring inside. Next thing you know, you’ve got 56 boxes of caramel corn and absolutely no free time to play with that awesome ring.

So my usual reaction was to tell them that no, we weren't going to try for a boy, since it was our fault we’d checked off the wrong box under "sex" when we were ordering the last one. We were just going to have to live with our choice. And besides, the half-off coupon we’d used specifically said the discount was only applicable to the exact same item anyway. Depending on who were talking to, this either got a polite chuckle or a puzzled look followed by a whispered, “There was a coupon?”

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We love our beautiful daughters and wouldn’t have it any other way. Aside from the quips about not putting a boy into the mix, having girls opens you up to lots of gender-biased comments, too. In fact, some have had me wishing I had a real-life decoder ring to figure out what they were getting at.

Here are 10 Things You Shouldn't Say to Moms of Girls:

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