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4 Kids’ Bedroom Makeovers Under $100

Photograph by Denise Cortes

When I was a little girl, my room was my sanctuary. I loved to have everything just so. There are not too many tween girls spending their Saturday morning rearranging furniture and watering houseplants, but that is exactly what I used to do. After I tidied up, I'd spend hours reading books, listening to music and drawing in a sketchbook, all from the comfort of my bedroom. I realized at a young age that making my living space beautiful was vital to my happiness.

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Now that I'm a mama to two young girls, I've made it a priority to give them a beautiful living space as well. I want their room to be cozy, well-organized and reflect their personal style. Here are four ways to create a bedroom your daughter will never want to leave (that is, until college).

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4 Ways to make over a bedroom on a budget:

1. Paint an accent wall.

Let your child choose his or her favorite color and make a trip to the nearest home improvement store. Be flexible. Let them live a little. Painting a solitary wall in a bedroom is an easy project to tackle in a weekend and it makes a big impact without the commitment. Both my daughter and I love the color of the ocean and we found the perfect shade of turquoise — bold, bright and unique. If we ever tire of this hue, we can simply repaint the accent wall. Easy peasy.

Photograph by Denise Cortes

2. Use color.

Add pops of color to make the space visually interesting. Not only did we paint an accent wall, we also painted the inside of the closet — it packs a punch every time my daughter opens up her closet door. I found a lovely bedding set with a bohemian flair that had several patterns on it that inspired me to add vintage painted furniture, candle holders and throw rugs, to name a few. Also, consider adding artwork, a clock, shelving and pretty lampshades in colors that go with the space.

Photograph by Denise Cortes

3. Mood lighting is always welcome.

It doesn't have to be Christmas to hang a string of white, sparkling lights. Tiny white lights just make everything feel cozy and special. I also added lamps with pretty shades, rice paper lamps and LED tealights.

Photograph by Denise Cortes

4. Make storage pretty.

My daughter can be a bit of a pack rat and the things she collects can pile up in a hurry. Nail polish, lip balms, colored pencils, drawing paper, markers, hair ties, jewelry — I've found a place for it all in pretty storage containers. I'm partial to inexpensive seagrass baskets with lids. I love the old adage "a place for everything and everything in its place." You can still store these baskets filled with stuff on the shelves and it will look pretty and organized at the same time.

These are just four simple ways to create a lovely girl's bedroom that's both functional and stylish, based on our family's experience with a mini room makeover. My daughters were over the moon with excitement when we did a room makeover last summer. I wish I had their bedroom when I was a young girl. I was never able to paint my furniture or paint an accent wall — I would have died and gone to heaven!

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Photograph by Denise Cortes

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