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All the Things in My Friends' Mom Bags

Last week, my bag fell over and the contents poured out. I was forced to face that one question no woman ever wants to confront: Why on earth are all of these things in my bag right now. (Corollary question: Is this why my bag is so heavy?)

As the contents of my pocketbook spilled out every which way, I was dumbfounded by what I had in there. There was, literally, one of those large pink rubber balls in my bag. Why was I carrying a large pink rubber ball? I wasn't even with my kids at the time. (But if a spontaneous handball tournament broke out, I was totally prepared, you know?)

US Weekly is always asking celebrities to pour out the contents of their bags. But we moms are way more exciting than celebrities (don't respond to that claim), so we asked our mom friends: What's in your bag?

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Brenda Janowitz, mother of two, Mom.me contributor and author of the upcoming novel, "The Dinner Party."

Obviously, you've gotta carry a yellow school bus with you wherever you go. And if you're a tired mom, under eye concealer is a must. I also had a leaf that my 4-year-old brought home for me, but it fell apart as I dumped my bag for the pic. Do not tell him that I threw it out. Also, no comment on the two one-eyed aliens in my bag. I'm sure at the time it made a lot of sense.

Emily Liebert, mother of two, author of "Those Secrets We Keep."

I'm really impressed (read: jealous) that Emily's got her sunnies in a case. She also carries an actual wallet. Like a grown-up! I like how she's got a sharpie for signing books, but also a red Power Ranger, because you never know when you will need their superhuman strength.

Jennifer Mattes, mother of three, pre-school teacher

Jen's got a mini-pharmacy going in her bag, which I really appreciate. But I like how she's also got her Rainbow Loom representing (gotta have your loom), and a Minions bouncy ball. I mean, seriously, what if the day you take the Minions bouncy ball out of your pocketbook is the one day you actually need it. What then?!

Jessica Shevitz Rauch, mother of two, creator of This Is Happening

As the mom of two boys, Jess is really making me jealous with the Girl Scouts loot. But really, you should never leave home without your craft from last week's meeting. How else will people know that you are a proud den mother of Troop 434?

Danielle Schmelkin, mother of three, VP of Business Intelligence & Customer Engagement Solutions at Coach

Danielle may be a high-powered executive, but you've always got to have your fairy-themed tissues handy. And I like the way she's trying to keep her clothes clean with the Shout wipes and Tide to go. Danielle, real talk: You've got three small kids, so face it—your clothes stand no chance.

Jaimie Dickstein, mother of two, high school guidance counselor

Don't leave home without your princess books. Or a spare headband. Or a set of socks. I'm hoping that none of the high school students Jaimie counsels each day need that extra diaper she's got handy.

Judy Luxenberg, mother of three, grandmother of seven, retired school teacher

Judy is the grandmother to seven, so that means a lot of lifting kids. She's obviously got the Salonpas at the ready.

Stacey Faber, stay-at-home mother of two

Stacey's got teenagers, so it's no wonder her bag is overflowing with superstitious items to keep them safe. And headache medicine. Lots of headache medicine.

Myrna Kaplan, mother of two, grandmother of four (aka: My Aunt Myrna)

This is Aunt Myrna we're talking about here, so of course she carries around her mah jong card. You just never know when a game of mah jong will break out, and Aunt Myrna likes to be prepared. Just look at that rain cap and you know: this is a woman who is, and always has been, prepared for anything.

Alissa Camhi, mother of three, artist

Do not leave home without your Lego mini-figures. Or the portable potty. (And if you have the portable potty, you've just gotta have two different types of wipes, too!)

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Anila Nitekman, mother of two, creator and CEO of Tiny Bites food shears

Now, I get why the creator and CEO of Tiny Bites food shears would have hers handy. I carried them religiously with me when my kids were little, too. I even understand why we've got one stray sock. But what I don't get it why Anila has one glove from a doctor's office.


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