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23 Reasons You Skipped Your Workout (Again)

Photograph by Photofest

Excuses. We all have them. I'm the queen of them in fact, especially when it comes to working out. My body needs a daily workout. Daily workouts would decrease my migraines, I'd be able to touch my toes, and I would know my body could keep up with my kids for years to come.

Yet, I sit on my couch every night thinking about why I didn't work out that day. Why am I not working out while I sit on the couch? I've got so many reasons during the day, during my evening couch time, for not just dropping everything and working out. But, let's face it, ladies, here are the easiest ones to use:

1. My workout clothes are in the wash

Why you only have one set of workout clothes when, in theory, you should be working out seven days a week, we may never know.

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2. I can't go outside in this outfit

Why not? And why do you have to go outside? There are plenty of free workout programs on YouTube.

3. The kids are driving me crazy

If the kids are driving you nuts, tell everyone to get their shoes on for a family walk. That is exercise. Just move your body and go.

4. I'm too tired

Preach it, Sister! I've been tired since I got pregnant with my first more than six years ago. Incidentally, you know what can help that? Working out.

5. I just ate

Wait 20 minutes and go for a walk. Walking is insanely good exercise that is so easy and one rarely cramps up on a walk, even after eating.

6. I'm hungry

Eat a granola bar or a handful of nuts, grab your water bottle and get it in gear.

7. I really need to do the dishes

Do you? Do you really need to do the dishes? Can they wait 30 minutes? Unless the cleaning elves are coming, those dishes will still be there. And if you never leave, the elves never get a chance to come.

8. I really need to clean the house

Your house will always be in a state of chaos. Accept that and move on.

9. The kids will just get in my way

So what? Get them in on the workout action. They will either have a blast or get bored, in which case, they'll leave you alone. Win!

10. I need to work

Yeah, me too, but your eyeballs need a break from your computer screen. Take 20 minutes to do some yoga, run around the block or row on that said little rowing machine in the corner of your living room you're using as a drying rack.

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11. There is a Twitter chat I just don't want to miss

Twitter is dead! OK, so maybe not, but you can deal with missing one chat, you really can.

12. What if someone announces a new baby/engagement/accomplishment on Facebook

I promise you, that announcement will still be there in an hour. Along with at least six others.

13. What if someone announces a failure on Facebook

Good. If you are gone you can keep your "nice gal" charm intact and not make fun of them.

14. I'm waiting for a friend to call

It's called a cell phone. Take it with you.

15. The cat just threw up

And five minutes later, it is cleaned up and you can walk out the door or hit play on the unused "Insanity Workout" DVD.

16. It's too cold

Stay inside. (See #15)

17. It's too hot

Get up early in the morning or go for a run late at night. Or head to your local air-conditioned gym.

18. Oh, I've been waiting for months for this movie to show up on Netflix

Is there only one copy for everyone with a membership to watch? No. You stream it. But only after your workout.

19. I just got the kids to bed. I want to lie down and watch TV

Bravo. The kids are in bed. Now work out so you can go to bed, too.

20. The baby had me up all night

The baby will continue to wake you up for the next 18 years. Accept it, move on and work out.

21. I'm not a morning person

Me either, so find a time that works best for you and stick with it.

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22. The kids didn't pick up their toys, so I have nowhere to work out.

Make the kids clean up. Or go outside and run around the house or down the street and back.

23. I can't afford the gym fees

You don't need a gym. I just cancelled my membership, because I never went. Look for free YouTube videos, search for videos on Amazon Prime and Netflix. There is always a way to work out, even if you just run (or walk!) around the neighborhood.

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