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Fresh Cherry Sidecar



1 1/2 ounces cherry brandy

1/2 ounce cherry syrup

1/2 ounce fresh lime juice

Sugar for the rim

Fresh lime slices and maraschino cherries for garnish

Cherry Brandy

1 pound fresh sweet cherries, pitted and halved with some pits saved for the infusion

1 pint bottle brandy

Cherry Syrup

1 pound fresh sweet cherries, pitted

1 cup sugar

1 cup water


1. For the cherry brandy, combine the pitted and halved cherries and the brandy in a container. Several recipes I read for making the cherry liqueur indicate adding some of the pits as well so I put in a couple tablespoons of the pits as well.

2. Cover and keep in a cool place for at least 5 days.

3. To make the cherry syrup, combine the cherries, sugar and water in a medium saucepan and bring the mixture to a boil. Simmer for about 20 minutes.

4. Add the mixture to a blender and blend until smooth. Pour the syrup through a strainer and remove the solids. Put into a container and store in the refrigerator.

5. For the cocktail, rub the rim of your glass with a lime slice and dip it into sugar. Put the glasses into the refrigerator or freezer to chill.

6. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice and for each cocktail add 1 1/2 ounces of the cherry brandy, 1/2 ounce of the cherry syrup and 1/2 ounce of freshly squeezed lime juice.

7. Shake vigorously 10 to 15 times.

8. Fill the chilled glasses with ice and pour the cocktail into the glass.

9. Garnish with a lime slice and maraschino cherry.

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