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DIY Bedside Lamp

"This bedside light will add a real pop of color to your bedroom and it's made within 5 minutes! The bare bulb of this minimalist light brings a great industrial look to the room. Colored power cords are making a real comeback and this vintage fabric cable is easily available to purchase online. The light cord hangs from a wooden bracket previously used to support a shelf. You might have one left over from a recent shelving project, or you can purchase them very cheaply in home improvement and do-it-yourself stores," writes Hester Van Overbeek in her latest book, "Furniture Hacks."


  • colored electrical cord with light fitting and plug
  • pencil
  • drill
  • wall plugs and screws
  • wooden bracket
  • screwdriver
  • lightbulb


  1. It is possible to buy the electrical cord with the light fitting and plug attached online. However, if you purchase all the items separately, ask an electrician to wire them together for you.
  2. Decide where you want your light to go on the wall. Mark the two holes you need to drill by sticking a pencil through the hole and marking the wall. Drill the two holes, insert the wall plugs and attach the bracket with screws.
  3. Screw the bulb into its fitting. There are a wide variety of bulbs on the market in an even bigger price range. Pick one that suits the style of your room and has the right wattage for the fitting.
  4. Wrap the cord around the bracket so it looks pretty and is secure, and that's it—your light is finished!

Tip: The light bulb does get hot—as it doesn't have a shade around it, this light shouldn't be used in children's rooms.

Available on Amazon. Excerpted from "Furniture Hacks And Other Creative Updates for a Unique and Stylish Home" by Hester Van Overbeek. Published by Cico Books.

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