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YouTube Star GloZell Green Talks Fertility and Internet Fame

With more than 4 million YouTube subscribers and nearly 1 million Facebook fans, comedian and Internet sensation GloZell Green knows that she has a lot of eyes on her.

And now that the 43-year-old star and husband Kevin "S.K." Simon are embarking on a path toward motherhood via IVF and surrogacy, it's perhaps no surprise that she's chronicling her journey online, for all of her subscribers and more to see, in the docu-series "Glo All In: GloZell's Baby Journey" on the millennial-mom focused Awestruck network, available on Verizon's go90 entertainment app.

Mom.me connected with Green via email to talk about her new six-episode series that airs on Sundays, as well as the challenges that come with IVF and filming those struggles, and basically to ask her, in her trademark phrase, "Is you OK?"

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You have tons of fun challenges on your YouTube channel. What has been the biggest challenge so far with filming your fertility struggles on your new docu-series?

The biggest challenge while filming my fertility struggles is continuing to be positive knowing we are coming to the conclusion. It's easy to be positive about a race that's coming, but when it's here it's either you won or you didn't. With so many people watching my story I don't want to let down the people who are in my same situation, those who are scared to try and my fans who are rooting for me.

Balancing entrepreneurship while also trying to conceive sounds stressful. How have you made the balance work for you?

It's been very tricky keeping up with the timing for giving myself hormone shots while also changing time zones. I once was giving myself a shot under the table at a restaurant and right then a fan came up talking to me. He didn't notice I kept my hands under the table. I literally had a needle sticking into my stomach. I carried everything with me. Nothing is more important than doing my best and following [fertility specialist Dr. Bradford Kolb's] orders.

You've featured your mom in a lot of your episodes. What's the best "mom advice" she's ever given you? And what's been her advice to you while you've been going through the IVF and surrogacy process?

My mother is kind of in shock, I think. No one has gone this route in our family. It's unusual. My mother doesn't believe I have a fertility issue or can't come to terms with that because no one else has had to do this nor anyone we know. She doesn't realize that I'm older trying to concieve. I think she will believe it when the baby is here. My mother is positive but hasn't said much outside the fact that she wants grandchildren. I keep her posted, but it's a lot of "and then we have to do this" and "if that works then we have to do this." It hasn't become real. She knows I've gone to several doctors, appointments, taken so many hormones and met our surrogate (pictured below). Just like the world, we are waiting to see what happens next.

Photograph by Twitter

Dealing with fertility issues can be trying for women of any age. How have you kept your spirits up while trying to get pregnant?

I have been keeping myself positive with meditation and affirmations. I keep going back to the time I met Dr. Kolb and he said, "Let's try," when I had been turned down by three doctors before. That's all I need is to try, keep going step by step. Now I can see the finish line, just a few more steps to get there. Can't back out or stop now.

Please, if you are thinking about getting help, get it! Don't wait any longer. TRY!

How has your husband helped you through the process?

My husband has helped me by encouraging me to go to another doctor after the first one. I was shocked and thought, "OK, I will have to figure something out on my own." Then after the second doctor, he said, "Let's keep on going." After the third doctor, he said, "Have we done all that we can do?" Part of me was thinking, "Easy for you to say. You don't have to go through all of this." I was glad he was encouraging because the fourth doctor was the charm.

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Would you include your child in any upcoming shows, or would you rather keep him/her/them out of the spotlight?

Good question! I don't see how I could stop that. Everyone knows who I am. Will I put masks on them like M.J. (Michael Jackson) did his kids? Or keep them covered up? We all know Apple, Blue and North. I think because of who I am, the smart thing for me is to control the situation as best I can. My GloBugz (fandom) have been supportive, and I'm sure would like to see them. My kid(s) are the light to this story I've been telling publicly.

What would you like for women who are struggling with fertility issues to know?

I would like women who are struggling with fertility to find a doctor they feel comfortable with. That makes all the difference. I was told, "You are too old and you're past the age we want"—over and over and over. Please, if you are thinking about getting help, get it! Don't wait any longer. TRY! This is the pressure of me going public, because if this works, so many women won't be scared to try and I'm a "shero." If it doesn't, then, I'm also the "why would I go through all that time, money and emotions for nothing" person.

You've interviewed President Barack Obama and featured other celebs on your channel. Is there someone you're dying to work with?

Interviewing the president of the United States was something that seems like a dream. I can't believe it happened. Who am I to interview the sitting president of the United States while in his home? I come from a standup background. I would love to work with Ellen DeGeneres, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Mindy Kaling, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Lena Dunham ... the list goes on and on. I want to work with anyone I can laugh and learn from.

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