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Creme-Filled Oreo Churros Are a Thing

We're not sure whether to laugh, cry or run to the grocery store, but we're feeling some kind of way about these new Oreo churros. And we're not even pregnant!

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You'll find these treats in the freezer aisle; Oreo churros come in a box of 12, and yes, the filling inside is the same filling you know and love from Oreo cookies. You can apparently get them full-size at 10 inches, or bite-size if you just want a mini treat. And after heating them up, you can roll them in a cookie-crumb and sugar mix.

Oreo has already been making non-filled Oreo churros since November 2014 — which are only sold in stadiums, amusement parks and convenience stores — but now that you can get them in the freezer section of the grocery store, all bets on our at-home Oreo-related consumption are off.

Twitter lost its mind over the new version of America's favorite sandwich cookie in churro form; here are some of our favorite funny tweets:

Would you eat these? We're willing to at least try them, er ... in the name of science!

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