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25 Elf on The Shelf Ideas For Slackers

Oh that crazy Elf on the Shelf! When I first heard about him and saw all of the amazing photos on Pinterest I thought it would be so fun to have one at our house. Last December, Buddy the Elf on the Shelf joined our family and I quickly realized that I was not cut out for the elaborate elf shenanigans. In fact, I was lucky if I remembered to move him, let alone set up scenes.

The thing is, the holiday season is an already busy time and it is thoroughly magical for your children even if your Elf on the Shelf doesn't go zip lining through the living room. I think that the parents who go all out with their elves are awesome, but if you're a slacker like me, I've got you covered. I've come up with lots of super simple ideas and a handful of reasons the little guy didn't move at all.

Follow the morning routine. These ideas are easy and the kids think they are fun so it's a win-win. Plus, it can even help remind your kiddo to actually follow the morning routine without as much fuss.

1. Have him hang out with the toothbrush.

2. Stick him upside down in the cereal box.

3. Have him sit at your kid's spot at the breakfast table. (If you have more than one kiddo, he can make the rounds.)

4. Slide him into a shoe.

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5. Hang him from the towel rod.

6. Slightly risky, but kids find it funny: set him on the back of the toilet.

7. Set him on the couch, tucked under the throw blanket.

8. Prop him up with a good book.

9. Hide him in the coat closet.

10. Just pop him on a different shelf.

Whatever got the best reaction from the kids deserves a repeat performance.

Use the holiday decor. Once the tree is trimmed and the decorations are put out, your Elf moving job gets easier.

11. Set him at the top of the tree.

12. Pop him in a stocking.

13. Tuck him under the tree.

14. Have him lean on the nutcracker.

15. Got a deer statute? He wants to ride it.

16. Hide him in amongst the ornaments.

17. Hang him from the garland.

18. Hide him among the presents.

19. If you have wrapping supplies out, get him in on the action, maybe get wild and pop a bow on his head.

Don't be afraid to repeat. Whatever got the best reaction from the kids deserves a repeat performance.

20-25. Play the greatest hits.

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Oops! In a perfect world we wouldn't need these ideas, but I can't tell you how many times I was all cozy in bed when I realized the Elf was still on the same shelf. Sometimes you can move him really quick in the morning, but if not, here are few great reasons he stayed put.

1. You got up too early. The Elf panics and goes back to the same spot when he doesn't have enough time in the morning to prepare.

2. He really loved this spot, it has a great view.

3. Remember when you got in trouble yesterday? He didn't want to report it to Santa.

4. He heard you talking when you were supposed to be sleeping/get out of bed and was afraid to move.

5. He was super tired and accidentally fell asleep waiting for his time to fly north.

Here's hoping you have a fun and easy Elf moving season.

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Photograph by: Jeff Djevdet/Flickr

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